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Book series are the best. No joke. To be able to take a ride with the same characters for multiple books is pretty awesome. All my favorite books are a part of a series.

Series are fun for the reader but they can be such a pain for a writer. Writers spend way more time with the characters than the readers do. For instance, Cassie Dreandry, the protagonist of The Assassin moved into my brain way back in eighth grade and she has no plans to move anytime soon. In the past four (almost five!) years, she's brought many friends along for the ride too.

Almost five years! And I'm still not published. It'll probably be at least another fifteen years before I finish her story (providing that I actually get all ten books published).

So as authors why do we do it? Get ourselves tied to a set of characters for years on end with no chance of escape?

I think we get attached. Especially as aspiring authors who are trying to become bestsellers. Because, admit it, anyone who wants to be published would love to see their book have that kind of success even if they won't admit it. Wouldn't it be great to have that?

When we first start out, like when I got my big break on inkpop, it was exciting to be able to check inkpop and see people who wanted to read more and who wanted to know what happened next. I thrived on it. And that was just with a few people, can you imagine if a large readership hung on what happened? To be Stephenie Meyer (just go with the example!) after Eclipse came out and everyone was excited for the wedding that was going to happen?

As authors, I think we get ourselves involved into these series because we love having people grow attached to the characters. In the later books of The Assassin series, Cassie goes through some pretty rough times, and I know it'll be hard to write some of those scenes because they'll be so emotional. I hope that when I do write them, I'll be able to write them in a way that even someone who's never had those things happen to them experience the pain and really feel the emotion.

I want people to be emotionally attached to my characters, not as much as I am, I mean, they aren't camped out in y'all's brains, but pretty close.

If you write series, why did you get invested into a book series and not a stand-alone?

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When can read your first book??

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