life according to my iphone

1: After a day filled with rain and tornadoes, the sun paid a visit to us and created a beautiful sunset.
2: Sunday morning saw my warrior sandals (they look like the shoes gladiators wore - just cuter) and new toe nail polish!
3: Sitting in class, we were put under a tornado watch Tuesday morning.
4: We placed with skittles Monday in Stats Class.
5: Friday, during stats class, we played with M&Ms, and I used the orange and blue ones to make a "S" and "H" for Sam Houston!
6: Working in the book room at school yesterday, you could see to the other end of the shelves, it was little tunnel.
7: Went shopping with my mom, got the dress.
8: Also go the shirt!

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Holly said...

Love that dress and the shirt too!

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