just a busy day for the radar

well, by now, you probably all know that I live in the DFW area (that's Dallas-Fort Worth, for everyone who doesn't know).

And, based on the fact that MSNBC and CNN are covering this, you've probably heard about the tornado outbreak going on here.

Let me just say, my family and I are fine. Nothing bad happened to us. There's been a lot of damage in the metroplex, but no serious injuries that I know of (there was a minor one at a retirement center in Dallas). But, since you know my fasicantion with storms, I thought I'd share the pictures from the radar I took on my phone, and go through the day.

Let's start at this morning. When I looked up the radar on my phone, there were some severe thunderstorms out west, and I stole a snapshot on my phone of this one because it looked like a deformed arrow. XD

And then in stats class, the phone went nuts. Literally. First came the tornado watch, as shown above (and we're still under it).

I'm the blue target thing up there. This was when the first tornado warning was posted and I was going "uh, that storm is headed right for us."
No one believed me.
And eventually it was upgraded to a tornado EMERGENCY!
No joke. I get twitter updates from meteorologists sent as text messages, I got about fifteen all at once from different meteorologists freaking out about the tornado emergency.
And then at the same time, there was one in Dallas county. Another emergency.

Guys, that has never happened. Two separate tornado emergencies in the two biggest counties in the Metroplex? Nutso.

Once again, I'm the blue dot. The red line is the northern extent of the tornado warning, and the county line. This was five minutes before I got out of school.

Look how much can change in about twenty minutes. We've got another tornado warning right near us plus the one south of us. 
I was at sonic waiting for my drink while this was happening. Listening to the sirens go off. 

 Here are some clouds of the storm after it moved east. We got lucky with no tornado in our immediant area. Other places weren't so lucky, in fact, there's a tornado right now and I just saw that there are reports of houses being totally leveled out east.

Yeah, it's tornado season in Texas, what can I say?


Riv Re said...

Wow. That's insane. Glad you're okay, of course. And is it wrong of me to say that that storm looks kind of pretty? (It probably is.)
Good luck. :)

Megan said...

So glad you're alright! My aunt and uncle live in the same area... I went there this summer. Wish I would've known sooner, then we might have been able to hang out... XD

Britt Renee said...

that's scary!

Lyla said...

Haha, I live in the DFW area, too (Plano) so I know how it felt. I was in my Euro class and we ended up having to stay for two hours in the same class (and not go home!) until the coast was clear. Glad to know that you're safe.

Oh, and I've left you a blog award over at:


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