inspire me tuesdays // hair

I have really boring hair.
No joke.

This is my hair right now.

I love looking on pinterest at the different types of styles you can pull off with your hair. When it's long.

I can't wait until I have long hair again so I can do things like this...

I wanna do something like that for prom. ^^

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 

(4&5 gave me bad links. If you know where the credit goes to these pictures, please let me know!) 


Lauren said...

Long hair picture posts make me a little sad, because I used to have really long hair and decided to cut it off for a bob. I've never regained the patience to grow it back though :(


Audaciously Audra said...

I love those hair styles and I can't wait either to do my hair like that:)

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