getting personal

Dear _______,

This is getting ridiculous. Look, I'm sorry I made you mad with my actions, but trust me, they did you more good than harm. I'm sorry that you're mad, but be honest, can we please just get over this?

You're still one of my best friends, and I miss you.

I remember when my grandma died and you texted me that day. You told me even when you were mad, I would still always be one of your best friends.

What about now?

And we talked about seeing each other at graduation, part of me still wishes that could happen, but if I talked to you, you wouldn't even respond to me.

Or if you would, it wouldn't be pretty.

Look, I'm ready to put it in the past, I miss you. Even if you never talk to me again, I still pray for you everyday, and obviously those prayers are working because you're still here.

I know you'll never see this, but I guess a part of me hopes someone will figure out who this is supposed to be addressed to and tell you, since you seem to talk to all your other friends who helped your during your hard times, except me.

I still miss you, and you'll always mean so much to me.


Anonymous said...

I know who it is but I've got your my only source to her

Riv Re said...

Good luck with her. Sending you hugs. :(

Ashley said...

I know the feeling Laura. {|hugs}} hope it works out better for you then it did me.

Miss Emily K. said...

I hope you work everything out. I know how important best friends are.... i almost lost my best friend a few days ago, and we were able to work it out again. I'm so glad, because I talk to her more than anyone....

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