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no book boyfriends today because I've read one book in the past month (I blame the upcoming AP tests for the lack of books being read) and I'm sick.

So, instead, I'm talking about the clutter in my life. And how I'm trying to get rid of it and why it won't let me.

Clutter comes in many shapes and forms. There's the clutter in my bedroom that I neglect everyday. You know, the physical clutter, but I'm pretty sure you guys know how to clean up the clutter (unless you're like me and just refuse to remember how).

There's the emotional clutter of the last weeks of senior year (six weeks exact until I walk the stage EEK!) Which I guess isn't clutter, but it's more excitement, anticipation and a tiny bit of stress.

Today, let's talk about blog clutter. The junk that we insist on having that we really don't need.

For instance.

Those links right up there are pretty pointless. 
One, the google+ link for a page that I'm not sure how to gain admin access to anymore.
Two, the follow @tennisketter on instagram button. Um, I've got a prettier instagram button further up the page, thank you very much.
Three, blog catalog, once again, never use it. 

And, honestly, I can say, I am not the only person who is guilty of this. I've noticed a lot of people who have unneeded widgets on their blogs. Who's really guilty of this? Book bloggers. Book bloggers have one gadget for every link they have it seems. I tend to do a mental facepalm when I see twenty widgets on one sidebar, plus another thirty on the next sidebar.

WOAH! Hold on guys! How many of those are really important?! Seriously? The less stuff on your sidebars, the better the blog looks overall. My go-to widgets are usually these:
  • about me
  • sponsors
  • social media
  • labels & archive
  • the book you are currently reading (this is optional)
  • and maybe one other thing you may want.
Seriously, you do not need a widget for every little thing. In fact, the less you have, the cleaner your blog looks, and your design in the first thing people see when they click on your link. You want to impress them with your pretty blog.

Face it guys, we're shallow. 

Also, since I haven't done this, if you'd like to sponsor swap for the month of May (when did it get so freaking close to May?!) email me at pensandacameralens[at]gmail[dot]com.

sick girl out.


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