book boyfriends // michael Moscovitz + your own book boyfriend (linking up)

Michael Moscovitz, oh, I've forgotten how adorable you are.

Just a recap, Michael is from Meg Cabot's The Princess Diaries series. He's Mia's boyfriend (for part of the series) and he's also the older brother of Lily (who happens to be Mia's best friend). Come on, you guys at least saw the movie, right?!

Yeah, well, the movie didn't get it right. In the movie, Mia and Michael are just friends.

Poor Michael never got the credit he deserved. In the books, he and Mia date for most of the series, but, he's in college, and super smart. Like, genius smart. In one of the later books, he receives an offer to go to Japan and build a robot that'll perform heart surgery.

Much to Mia's dismay, he goes, because he believes it'll prove to people that he really is worthy of being with Mia. (The media likes to play what if with Mia and Prince William).

This leads to a really big argument between the two, and they break up, and they aren't able to fix things before Michael leaves for Japan.

Before Michael leaves for Japan, I always thought he was okay.

And, in the last book, he came back, and OH BOY.

It was love at first sight. At least first sight in the book. And, I love the dynamic between Mia and Michael in the very last book. Awkward, but Michael is so determined not to let the awkwardness get between them, even if she has a boyfriend.

Michael is way cooler than any teenage guy I know, just saying.

And that is why I love him.

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Lydia said...

AH! I adore Michael, and I'm glad I'm not the only one :)
He didn't get any of the credit he deserved in the movies, and really, the movies didn't give the series any justice at all. Grandmere is way to nice, and don't get me wrong, I love Julie Andrews, but Grandmere is supposed to be mean and proper and all Queen-like.

Anyways...yay Michael!!

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