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This week's boyfriend: Diesel

No joke, that's his name.

He was originally a character in the Stephanie Plum books, only appearing in the "in-between" novellas (which I have not read), but in 2010, Diesel got his own book series, The Unmentionables. 

Like I said, no joke, that's the series name, or well, I guess the official term is the Diesel and Tucker series, but that's boring.

In the new series, Diesel meets this baker named Lizzy (she narrates the story) and they have to find all these stones, each represent one of the seven deadly sins. The first book is basically Janet Evanovich's normal formula of some sexy moments, but mostly just "what the hell is she thinking?" moments.

He's described as a beach bum, with a really good body with a reputation with not being the smartest guy around, but when it comes to getting the job done, he gets it done. He's the guy who stands up to the challenge when he needs to, and he's not afraid to take the bullet to protect someone else.

While I wouldn't put him at the top of my list of book boyfriends, he's one of those guys that you just have to like. So, read the books (well, the book, the second one comes out in June.) Wicked Appetite 



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