thursday tactics // bookshelf to big screen

So, since we all know what's coming out tomorrow (already have my tickets!), today we're going to talk about movie adaptions of books.

It happens to all the major books series, Harry Potter, Twilight, and now....

I'm actually re-reading the first book before I go and see the movie tomorrow night, and can I just say, I'm a bit too excited for this?

Seriously, it's going to be amazing.

But that leads me to the point.

How true to the books should movies be?

For instance, movies like the Twilight Saga have been very true to the books, not taking any plots twists or anything. I mean, think about the uproar from Team Edward if at the very last minute Bella chooses Jacob in the movies. Wouldn't that be a field day for us who are neither? (When people ask me what team I am, I always tell them I'm either "Team single and independent woman who doesn't need a vampire" or "Team I write my own hot male characters, I don't need those."


But, then again, there are movies like The Other Boleyn Girl that have almost nothing in common with the book. So, do we want it to be as precise to the book as possible or do we want them to take liberties with turning our beloved stories into movies?

What's your thoughts?

Also, if you can't tell, I'm basically a dry well when it comes to ideas for thursday tactics. So, if you've got a topic related to writing that you want me to talk about, tell me!

And, I just realized, this whole entire time, I've been spelling "tactic" wrong.

Oh jeez.


Julie said...

I think that it's important that movies stay true to the books, because when you make a movie from a popular book, you have a built-in fan base, and you don't want to disrupt or make that fan base angry.
If they had changed the ending of the Harry Potter movies, can you imagine the riots that would've happened at warner brothers?
I think it's really important to stay true to the book, simply because of the fan base that knows that to expect.

Ashley said...

I Iike the movie to be as close to the book as possible. I get really mad, otherwise. Lol.

Britt Renee said...

I thought the movie was pretty awesome! There were a few things left out but that's how every book to movie is. I thought the acting was really good too.


Cait Emma said...

haha i totally understand! my post will be out on tuesday for the film! - love your blog girl, can't wait to see more xoxo


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