I lack the self control to actually post what I'm supposed to post on the day I'm supposed to post it. (did you follow that? XD)

Yeah.... so, life lately... guess what finally caught up to me? Being sick. I finally stayed home from school today and slept in until one. ONE PM IN THE FREAKING AFTERNOON!

I have never, ever, ever done that in my life before. It was crazy.... The day is basically gone! Right?

But, what a weekend, I worked most of it, but Friday night, I managed to print off The Assassin so I could do some line edits.
That's how thick my book is....

Without the first forty-six pages. Yay for long books. I'm sorry trees, I really am. When I'm published and have lots of money, I'll plant a bunch of trees to make up for the trees I kill with my passion. I also got edits from one of my beta readers Friday, and I read over some of it, and honestly, I am so stoked to get this editing done and over with! My goal is to have this round of edits done by graduation...which is only 91 days away!

Holy moly. Right? Nutso stuff. I feel like this blog will become ten thousand times more interesting after I move to college and actually have a life....

Haha, I entertain myself sometimes. Which is good, especially if I can not entertain anyone else, right?

Sick girl out.


Selina said...

Aww! I hope you get better!
Is there a place I can read your story? or do I have to wait till you are a published author?
:) :) :)

Mia said...

Ah, edits. Both fun and a head-desking adventure! Good luck with this round of them!

I guarantee you're going to be super busy when college hits -- in both a really awesome and really stressful kind of way. My college experience is a bit, eh, inhibited since I stayed home. Definitely go out-of-state if you can. It'll be a much better experience and a more cooler, life-changing experience!

Christine Murray said...

Hope you're feeling better. I'm glad I'm not the only one who freaks out when they sleep late!

Rachel said...

I get depressed when I sleep late, glad I'm not the only one ;p

Anonymous said...

Yay for editing! I hope my edits help, I had fun beta reading :)

:( for being sick. I hate sleeping in too, I feel like I've just wasted the whole day and it's sad. Good to know there are other people like me out there, haha.

Good luck with more edits, let me know if you need any more help, I'm happy to help :)

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