inspire me tuesdays // handwriting

I love handwriting. I love designing with my own, I love looking at some of the cool styles of writing people have. I love it all.... print. mixed. cursive. you name it, I probably love it. It really saddens me how they don't teach kids to write in cursive anymore. What's up with that?

Don't they know that cursive is the best handwriting ever?

Personally, I usually write mixed. There are some letters that are always cursive... Like "z" and "j". and usually "e" too.

As cheesy as it sounds, I feel like handwriting is an art that has to be mastered. Good hand writing is crucial when it comes to taking notes or writing up things. Right?

I never, ever get tired of looking at handwriting.


Gina said...

Handwriting inspires me too--I love how everyone's is different. :)

xo, gina


A and B said...

I'm with you on handwriting! It says so much about a person and is always unique!

Anonymous said...

I love handwriting because it's so unique and it's something that makes everyone unique!
Cursive is really pretty and I love writing in cursive, but I can't stand reading cursive unless I really know the person because a lot of people's cursive is very messy.

But I do agree, handwriting is inspiring!

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