happy birthday!

not to me! My birthday is in November sillies! I meant to pens and a camera lens! It's birthday number two and I can not even begin to believe I've had this blog for two years now.

Crazy shenanigans!

So, since you know I love to celebrate (just not my own birthday) we're gonna have a party! Woohoo! Right? I'm hosting a contest, and it's more or less the same as my Christmas contest.

There'll be mulitple ways to enter and there will be many prizes! Yay! I love celebrating.

So, here's what I have prize wise.

+2 full blog designs ($30 value each) (examples include this site, Zoey's Uncreatively Titled Blog, the 828....)
+2 five page//first chapter critiques
+1 extra large ad spot - ($15 value)
+ 2 large ad spots ($10 value each)
+2 medium ad spots ($5 value each)
+6 small ad spots

Yeah, that's a lot of prizes. So you guys have to, have to, HAVE TO! spread the word, okay?

You've got a week.

Knock yourselves out kiddos :)

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Paige said...

Great contest, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D

melanie said...

yay for contests! happy bday to your blog :)

Paige said...

Really awesome giveaway!!

~Paige @ Comfort Books

Riv Re said...

Happy birthday, blog! I think my second blogiversary is coming up, too...
I don't think I ever mentioned this, but I LOVE the name "Pens & a Camera Lens." It fits perfectly, and no, I'm not trying to bribe you for a prize...or maybe just a little bit. ;) :P

Lexie said...

AHHHH! :D Happy book blog birthday, Laura! (alliteration woo!) Thank you so much for the giveaway.

FireStarBooks said...

Happy birthday! I would love a blog redesign! :D

pixieDREAMER said...

Happy blog birthday! XD

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