desicions//where am i going?

Wow, you guys seemed to all agree for the most part. A&M, huh? You think I'm going to Aggieland...

Well, you're wrong.

I'm not going to be an Aggie.

And, then, you guys seemed to think "oh, purple, she has to go there!"

Wrong again.

In fact, only one person voted for the right school, and in all honesty, she shouldn't count because that one person is my sister. So, technically, no one voted for the right school.


I'm going to be a Bearkat! That's right. In August, I'll be going down to Hunstville and spending the next four years at Sam Houston State. It's got one of the best criminal justice degrees, and that's what originally attracted me to the university. But, after taking a criminal justice class last year, I soon realized I had a lot more fun writing about the stuff than actually doing. Yeah, extracting DNA out of your spit? No thank you.

While I'm not doing criminal justice, I'm still going there as a history major. History has been a passion of mine longer than acting or writing or anything, so it makes sense to major in it.



Gina said...

That's so exciting! Making a college decision is so exciting, fulfilling, and fun! I hope all goes well for you in all your academic ventures :)

xo, gina


Anonymous said...

Yay!! I thought for sure you were going to A&M, but then again, I'm not very good at guessing things, so I was bound to be wrong haha.

Congrats on already picking a major, and good luck!!

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