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So, I am (still) re-reading The Hunger Games. Yeah, I've been pretty slow lately at reading, it's not my fault. I worked almost 20 hours over the weekend.

But, let me just say.


Like, seriously, this movie just reconfirmed my love for Peeta which is totally weird since he's kind of a pansy and I never fall for the pansy.

Let me explain.

Since in the first book (THG), Katniss spends most of her time in the arena with Peeta, you really get to know him personally, and by the end of the first book, I was totally crushing on him.

So by the time it became Gale's turn later on in the series to take a chance at Katniss, it was too late. I was devouring the pages, probably looking for Peeta.

In fact, not even probably, I know I was looking for Peeta in those pages.

And honestly, I'm not even sure why I like Peeta, he's not the typical guy that I'd ever like in a book, I just do!

But, since I'm in the middle of the book re-reads, I'm going to stop there, because quite honestly, I'm pretty fuzzy on the details of everything.

But just for giggles....


Britt Renee said...

I'm just now starting on the second book. I wish there would of been more of the "lovey duvy" stuff that they were doing in the book to have been in the movie but oh well. (I am still going to be on your sponsors list right!? - http://yourstrulybrittrenee.blogspot.com)

Megan said...

Peeta! ♥ Haha, I know that picture... (:

Riv Re said...

LOVE that picture. It captures them all perfectly and PEETA YOU'RE SO CUTE I WANT TO MUSH YOU.
The flames frame the girl on fire perfectly, and the TOAST. And the MARSHMALLOWS.

Peeta's not such a pansy throughout the entire thing, at least. Though when he was reaped, and he had that terrified look on his face, and there was dramatic music playing, I barely contained the laughter...
There'd better be a gif of that look soon.

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