book boyfriends // jack ramirez

look what's back! Yay!

So, first one now that it's back. Jack Ramirez, he's an LA dective in the High Heel Mysteries. Yes, that does say "high heel" and "mysteries."

The series is a bit like the Stephanie Plum books, more on the comics than the actual mystery. The main character is Maddie Springer, a children's shoe designer.

In the fist book, Maddie's boyfriend goes missing because he's tied up in some not too legal stuff and bad people, and Jack is investigating the case so the police can send those bad people to jail. (I sound like a freaking kindergarten teacher.)

Anyways, he's hot and a cop. I mean, honestly, I'd probably never actually date a cop, but they're always hot in books (*cough cough JOE MORELLI <3 cough cough*)

Though, I will admit, Jack does come with his flaws, he's got a bad temper, and he's a little too worried about Maddie and her safety (which he should be, he just doesn't handle himself well).

But overall, he's a very cool character, very sexy too.

So, if high heels and murders plus hot guys are your thing, click the picture.


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