young adult - emphasis on the adult

Young Adult - aka, you aren't a kid, but we don't expect you to know how to behave a real adult.

Okay, if the government sees me as a legal adult, I mean, I get to vote in November and I get to pay taxes in April.(That last part was dripping in sarcasm). So, if I'm an adult in the eyes of the government, why can't I be to everyone else? I mean, I work all weekend, I'm a full time student, I pick kids up from school, I buy groceries. 

And I read more adult books than YA books. Like, I think in the past two weeks, that's all I've read. 
Which is fine by me. I love adult mystery books. Especially comic ones.

You all know how much I love, love, love the Stephanie Plum books and Joe Morelli. In fact, I shouldn't have to even mention it before it pops up in your eyes.

But, now I'm reading a similar series, the High Heel Mysteries. 

Yes, you read that right, that does indeed say "high heels." And they're really cute, kind of like a little sister to Stephanie Plum. There's even a hot cop in it too. 

It's always the cop, isn't it? 

But, the point is, I'm loving this series, probably too much. I mean, it's got a hot cop and fashion. I may dress like someone who doesn't care (t-shirt and jeans are my usual attire), but I do. I love fashion stuff. It's weird, it's a recent obsession of mine. 

And, I'll admit I am a hopeless romantic (and forever alone), so, in lack of a boyfriend, I find myself falling head over heels for book guys. 

I'm like Edward Cullen crazy.

For everyone but him. Sparkly pale guys never do much for me. Trust me, I'm pale, though I do not sparkle. 

But, I swear, as I read all these comic mysteries with hot cops and main characters who can't have normal relationships, I feel like I will never have a normal, healthy relationship.

I worry about these things as I mentally drool over hot guys in books (you know you do it too.). 

I'm pretty sure kids don't worry about that.

Yay for adulthood (once again, note the sarcasm). 


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