wild hair // commentary from a girl freezing in a photoshoot

Admit it, that is some pretty crazy hair I've got going on, right?
Well, Thursday afternoon, I did a photoshoot of my friend, Allie. I posted pictures from both her's and our other best friend, Courtney's shoots. 
Well, Allie decided it was time for me to get out from behind the camera and in front of it. I'm telling you, that girl has some mad skills. 
 See my foot waving? It says hi. XD

This photo almost looks old timey, with the sun fade. Love it.

Half of my face is missing, which is fine, I never liked that side of my face to begin with.
 I just don't even have words for this picture. 

That water.... Yeah, I lost feeling in my feet for a few minutes... Then again, I guess that's the price I pay for revenge. I made her stand in the lake the day before.

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Sara said...

These are cute! I really like the second one.

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