thursday tatics // that moment

that moment.

That moment when your MC is about to risk it all and win.

Or lose. 

The climax.

I chose to write about it today, because after some intense word wars with Evie yesterday, I found myself ready to take Brent on in one final epic battle of the book. 

Which means......


-happy dance-

Like, seriously, I need about 8,000 more words before I finish the book. 

The climax, it's the final battle scene. The climax, if well written, will leave readers speechless, probably a little mad, definitely overwhelmed, and if the reader is like me, shaking. The climax is that scene that needs to capture your reader so much, they forget it's just a book 

Climaxes are so important - the most important part of the book, I mean, this is what the MC has worked for the whole entire time in the book.

For instance, Cassie, in The Assassin, has been working to find her biological dad, Brent, and save Joe.

This is the moment she has to hope God is smiling down on her and help her. If she doesn't win, she'll lose Joe (who's her adopted dad).

And that would be no bueno. 

But, you need to be able to write a climax that makes the reader go "I NEED MORE!" Even if there's a happy ending. 

So, I'm off to go write my climax! 


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