so long inkpop

I'm sure you've all heard the news already, at least all the writers have.

Tomorrow will be the last day that inkpop is.... well, inkpop. It's a little depressing, to say the least. I've learned so much from that website.

For all you non-writing peeps, inkpop is was a website run by the major publishing house, Harper Collins. Each month, through a point system and picks, there would be five stories or poems or such that would round out the top five. At the end of each month, the stories that were in the top five would be given a star and a month later, they'd receive a review from a Harper Collins editor.

Pretty awesome, right? It was; for ten months in 2010, I worked my butt off to get The Assassin into the top five. And, finally in October, it happened.

After so much dedication to my book, life came-a-calling and I never did get into inkpop the same way I did before I got my star, but inkpop will still always be dear to me.

I still have a framed copy of my review up in my bedroom, and I fully intend to take it to college with me. Just to share, click here to go read the review.

Either way, I haven't been on inkpop in a while, but it was still a shock. I mean, that's a part of my life right there. Gone. Poof!

While it's depressing to see inkpop go (I was planning to stage a massive comeback), I've decided to go ahead and rejoin figment. With my old account from way back when the site first started. I just have to update all my writing.

If you want to find me there, my username is Lala Tennisketter.

But, it's still so sad about inkpop. Without inkpop, I wouldn't have gotten my review, or made so many friends.

Without inkpop, this would have never happened. Without inkpop, I'd never know Evie, who I continue to count as a blessing in my life. I'd never met Nella or Marisa, or Morgan or Jeyn or Sharon, or so many other people who have become a part of my daily life. I can't imagine life without them and how much of a void would be there if they weren't there.

Without inkpop, I wouldn't have grown as a writer and I would have never learned how to take criticism. Without inkpop, I would have found the determination to fight for what I really wanted (those stars looked way too pretty). I wouldn't have grown as a person.

While it was too long since you and I have been together, I will always be indebted to you inkpop.

So long.


Morgan said...

Isn't it crazzzzy? Madness. So much history there. It was the start of all my writing for me. Kinda sad--even though the present inkpop isn't the "old" inkpop. So glad I know you, Laura... you're such a great writer/person/friend!

And look at that pick of you and Evie! It's beautiful!

Gina said...

OMG! I didn't know this! I used inkpop a few years ago for several months, but now I don't go on too much. It was so much fun reading others' stories and poems--I know it's going to be missed!

xo, gina

Qui said...

That's so freaking disappointing. I haven't been on inkpop since they redesigned it, but still that place got me started on serious writing. :(

Meagan said...

This is a wonderful post, and I'm glad that you've gotten so much out of inkpop. It's nice to see all of the different ways that it's helped all of us. It's so sad to be losing it, but at least we were there.

Riv Re said...

I'm so glad I got sick of inkpop a while ago. I'm not disappointed about that. Though I AM annoyed that everyone's coming to Figment. What I like about Figment is that it's smaller than Inkpop was, with a community that's not all about "let's swap." That's going to change, now.
So glad you're coming to Figment, though! Find me. I'm the usual: Riv Re. :P

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