So, I've got a good amount size of followers, I mean, -checks number- 167 isn't bad.

But the problem is, I don't know all of you guys! And I want to! 
So, let's do some introductions! 

I'll start.
I'm Laura. 
The redhead who posts weird pictures and writes weird books (teenage assassin, normal girls saving superheroes... I think you get the idea.)
I'm that girl ^^
I have a crush on Richard Castle. 
I'm a romantic at heart, though I'll never admit this to my parents.
I'm obviously creative, yet neither of my parents have a creative bone in their bodies. One's a retired math teacher and the other is a computer geek.
I'm the oldest of four.
My dog is a klutz, just like me.
I met my best friend for the first time this week.

I'm determined to marry my own fictional character (I'll explain that later,) 

Oh, yeah, I'm a high school senior dying to graduate.

And I think my dog might have just farted.

So, go ahead and introduce yourselves! 


Elisabeth said...

I'm elisabeth.
i'm a 21 year old college student.
I met my best friend a year ago and now we're happily married - and he's better than any fictional character I could have developed.
I love languages and traveling.
I blog about whatever comes to mind, but usually it involves school, baking, or our newlywed adventures :)

come visit :)

Bianca McCray said...

I'm Bianca.

I am a fifteen year old freshman/early college student.

I am the mother of a new camera named Mo!

I blog randomly.

I am a multi-tasked and extremely shy.

I love writing, reading, and photography.

Robyn Pierce said...

I'm Robyn.
21 year old college sophomore. [whoot!]
I fail at blogging most of the time, but occasionally I come up with something worth reading.
I just self-published my first title, which I'm very proud of.
It's nice to meet you all!
<3 Robyn

Mia said...

Mia. 18. College student.
I'm a pretty pathetic blogger but I do the best I can.
I have one younger sister who people say is a lot like me, but we don't see it. :P
Writing & reading = crux of my sanity. Or... insanity? Who knows.
I'm running our of things to say.
And it's nice to meet you (along with everybody else!)

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