insta-friday // week one

life rearranged

Yay! Friday! Today, I'm linking up with Life.rearranged for insta-friday, which is where you post instagram pictures of your week. 

Here we go! 

1. Today - It's the little pig! Today in AP Stats, we were "rolling little piggies." We would roll the pig and mark whether it landed on it's snout, back, side, or feet. It was for probability, but we mostly spent the time playing with the little pigs. Those things were too cute.

2. Yesterday - my notes on editing that I've started. (If you count half a page.) Yeah, I expect this list to double or triple in size.

3. Tuesday- s'mores goldfish. You've got brown ones for chocolate, beige ones for the graham crackers and white ones for marshmellows. I ate a bowl Tuesday as I curled up on the couch reading for three hours. 

4. Sunday - there was frost on my grass. This did not make me very happy at all.

5. Sunday - my mom is redoing our kitchen, and I found this sign that says "$5 charge for whining." Too good not to snap a picture of. 

Have a great weekend!

And, I've blogged every single day this week.


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