great minds....design alike?

Before you go on ranting about how I've changed it again, I will let you know, I had that design for two months. I loved it, but it was time for something new.

And, there's quite a story behind this design. See, I'm always designing in one way or another, so, it was over Christmas break, I came up with this great design for my blog to use when it I changed it. I woke up the next morning and got straight to designing, excited about the way it looked in my head.

I worked on it for a good three to four hours..... And after lunch, I took a break to read some of my favorite blogs.

And stumbled across this.

And almost cried.
Because it almost looked exactly like mine. Down to the style and everything.
And to make it worse, she was the one who did the design I just took down. She's amazing. She's sweet and funny, and an amazing designer.
So, I spent the past two months debating if I ever would put the design up... And finally decided to do it.

But what are the odds of that even happening?

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