the good and the bad


What a weekend

No book boyfriend this week because I've got things I need to talk about.

Like work.

Not my best weekend.

Saturday was pretty nice. I did a easy party and then I did a party with another party host. Almost burned my finger off and the building down when I dropped the match because I got wax on my finger.

I had wax from the side of my nail all the way down to where the thumb meets rest of the hand.

And when I pulled it off?

Yep, there went some skin too.

But that wasn't even the worse part (Though maybe if I'd burned the building down, it would have avoided yesterday's problem)

But yesterday....

There are going to be problems when:

  1. you show up to your own child's birthday party (with child in tow) after said child's party was supposed to start
  2. you book for laser tag and half of your children aren't even tall enough to play (and I assure you sales would have told her about the height requirement)
Okay, I can understand it to some extent. Sometimes kids aren't as tall as we think they are. You have to be four feet (48") to play laser tag.

That's a lot taller than you'd think. 

And there is a lot of traffic because of the construction out on the highway that my placeo'work is located at. 

But blaming your poor low-man-on-the-totum-pole party host isn't going to fix stuff.

And since when is the fact that you just aren't "feelin' it" a reason to call corporate? Honestly, if she had a rotten time, she should. But the few things she told me she had a problem with could have easily been fixed (which they were - as much as we could fix them).

And then she didn't tip me.

Guys, always tip the hostess/server. Even if it's only, like, five bucks. We don't make minimum wage.

Please do.

But, I mean, I don't think I'm going to lose my job (I hope not). I really am sorry she had a rotten time, I really am, but....


Next topic.

Do you remember that one time I was talking about how I was super close to finishing my book and how I was super excited about it?

Well, in case you haven't already gotten this gist of where this is going.....

I finished my book!!

-insert happy dance-

It was awesome to be able to finish the book again. And, I actually really like the way this ended. Like, it's good enough to stand on it's own (I think....) but still has threads open for some amazing things to happen in the series.

Which means when I get published, you have to go buy The Assassin. I don't care if you read it (well, actually I do, I want you to like it), but I want a lot of people to like it. 

Like.... a lot of people.

I'm kind of an ambitious person that way.

But, anyways, this is the last call for editors/readers. For you ladies that have already agreed to read for me, I'll be emailing you shortly (beware, it's a mess).

And for everyone else!!!

What do I write next? 

Well, I want to know what you think I should write next.

So tell me in the comments, and vote on the little poll on the right. :D


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