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Let me just start out. I hated, hated, hated that book called Pride and Prejudice. In fact, I'm pretty sure it got one star. Actually, just lied, I didn't give it any stars. I just looked.

So, I'm sure lots of people associate the name Darcy with that book.

Not me.

I associate it with a book series called Her Royal Spyness. 

Needless to say, one of my favorite book series ever. It's got mystery and royals! What more could a anglophile and mystery nerd want?! 

How about a mysterious, hot Irish dude? Because you can never go wrong with those Irish boys. (Or Irish girls, but that's a tad bit bisas for me to say, you know, being 25% Irish and all.) 

Oh Darcy.

He has this really bad habit of showing up for like, fifty pages of the books. But boy do I savor those pages. Darcy is mysterious. It's suggested that he's a bit of a womanizer (why do I always like the womanizers?!), but he hasn't actually slept with the main character, Georgie.

She's still a virgin like me. :D 

Darcy also has a bit of a protective side for Georgie because she's a tad bit naive. She solves mysteries for the queen, but because of her royal upbringing, she doesn't know how things work in the real world.

But Darcy spends his days working to find money since his dad went into deep debt (it's the 1930s) and will leave Darcy no inheritance.

It amazes me how, no matter where Georgie goes (Scotland, England, France, Transvalynia) Darcy is always there.

Not that Georgie or I are complaining.

But, I do suggest that you read the books, they're very light hearted and a good pick me up. 

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Ashley said...

I read, and loved P&P, but if Mr. Darcy weren't in it, I would have been cast it aside. I loved the book for Darcy.

But I understand your point.

ANYONE with the name Darcy is probably awesome.

And I fall for the very unwomanizers...lol. I'm so bias.

AND IRISH PEOPLE ROCK! you can say it, even if you were 100% Irish, cuz it's true.

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