wild hair // commentary from a girl freezing in a photoshoot

Admit it, that is some pretty crazy hair I've got going on, right?
Well, Thursday afternoon, I did a photoshoot of my friend, Allie. I posted pictures from both her's and our other best friend, Courtney's shoots. 
Well, Allie decided it was time for me to get out from behind the camera and in front of it. I'm telling you, that girl has some mad skills. 
 See my foot waving? It says hi. XD

This photo almost looks old timey, with the sun fade. Love it.

Half of my face is missing, which is fine, I never liked that side of my face to begin with.
 I just don't even have words for this picture. 

That water.... Yeah, I lost feeling in my feet for a few minutes... Then again, I guess that's the price I pay for revenge. I made her stand in the lake the day before.


inspire me tuesdays // elephants

Nuff said


so long inkpop

I'm sure you've all heard the news already, at least all the writers have.

Tomorrow will be the last day that inkpop is.... well, inkpop. It's a little depressing, to say the least. I've learned so much from that website.

For all you non-writing peeps, inkpop is was a website run by the major publishing house, Harper Collins. Each month, through a point system and picks, there would be five stories or poems or such that would round out the top five. At the end of each month, the stories that were in the top five would be given a star and a month later, they'd receive a review from a Harper Collins editor.

Pretty awesome, right? It was; for ten months in 2010, I worked my butt off to get The Assassin into the top five. And, finally in October, it happened.

After so much dedication to my book, life came-a-calling and I never did get into inkpop the same way I did before I got my star, but inkpop will still always be dear to me.

I still have a framed copy of my review up in my bedroom, and I fully intend to take it to college with me. Just to share, click here to go read the review.

Either way, I haven't been on inkpop in a while, but it was still a shock. I mean, that's a part of my life right there. Gone. Poof!

While it's depressing to see inkpop go (I was planning to stage a massive comeback), I've decided to go ahead and rejoin figment. With my old account from way back when the site first started. I just have to update all my writing.

If you want to find me there, my username is Lala Tennisketter.

But, it's still so sad about inkpop. Without inkpop, I wouldn't have gotten my review, or made so many friends.

Without inkpop, this would have never happened. Without inkpop, I'd never know Evie, who I continue to count as a blessing in my life. I'd never met Nella or Marisa, or Morgan or Jeyn or Sharon, or so many other people who have become a part of my daily life. I can't imagine life without them and how much of a void would be there if they weren't there.

Without inkpop, I wouldn't have grown as a writer and I would have never learned how to take criticism. Without inkpop, I would have found the determination to fight for what I really wanted (those stars looked way too pretty). I wouldn't have grown as a person.

While it was too long since you and I have been together, I will always be indebted to you inkpop.

So long.


photo previews // courtney & allie


 visit lala land photography


inspire me tuesdays // movies

Movies, movies, movies! Here are some movies that have inspired me in some way or another (you'll quickly find out, I'm inspired in some strange ways).


Oh, and just for giggles.


book boyfriends // i'm coming to a blank

I think I'm getting sick. No joke, I work as a party host with nasty little kids (I'm sure they don't really wash their hands when I make them) and I hugged a sick kid today too.

And since I usually write these in advance, I have no book boyfriend this week.

Look for one next week.

When I'm not disinfecting my hands every five minutes.


sneak peek // the assassin

Here's my edited first chapter of The Assassin.

The last few remains of sunlight reflected off of the building across the street, glistening in pink light and mixing with the dark colors of the building to create a rainbow. In one room, a light burned inside. It added a flame to the rays of color. If I held my hand up, I could put the fire out, and the whole rainbow would be ruined.
As the last sliver of light disappeared into the night, I took my spot in the kitchen, in between the refrigerator and the wall. The tight spot would be easily missed.
The metal of the refrigerator was cold on my arm. Cold and sleek like the rest of the apartment. It lacked a homey feeling and screamed of a bachelor pad.
The couch was an off-green color with modern wood framing and stiff cushioning. A glass table sat in front of the couch. Another table sat on the side. It was inside its single drawer that I’d found gun number one. The other was stuffed in his bedroom dresser.
Throughout the entire apartment, there’d only been one item that made it seem like a home, and not just a place to live: the picture of his fiancĂ©e. Deceased now, she had been pretty, to say the least. Looking at that picture while covering the apartment, I’d wondered if her death had anything to do with the way Jonathan Walker had turned out. A man with a successful life ahead of him, and he threw it all away to try and help some budding terrorist group in the Middle East.
A terrorist mastermind, right in the middle of New York City, and the United States government was keeping his identity a secret. Exposing him would lead to panic, and in a town as scarred as New York, the last thing they needed was a panic of another terror attack. It was much easier to pay an anonymous killer. Someone who wasn’t linked to the government so they wouldn’t have to worry about retaliation.
The sound of a key turning brought me back to focus. I hid back in the crevice between the refrigerator and the wall, readying myself as the door swung open. The lights came on and I saw him walk in from the hallway out of the corner of my eye.
“He shoots…” Jonathan tossed his keys across the room into a bowl on the table. “And he scores.”
He slid out of his jacket and placed it on the hook next to the door. He walked toward the kitchen, which connected to the living room, and I wrapped my fingers tighter around the dagger in my hand.
Crash! Jonathan spun around, falling into the kitchen counter. He stared across the kitchen to the balcony doors, almost panting. “What the hell was that?” he asked in a whisper, and then louder, he asked, “Who’s there?”
My thoughts matched his. I’d scanned the whole apartment before he’d arrived. No one had been in there.
“My gun,” he said. As he cautiously reached for the drawer next to the couch to find his gun, I came out from between the refrigerator and the wall, hugging the wall to remain unseen, my dagger ready. 
Seconds passed as he went tried to open the drawer, but he was in such a rush, it never occurred to him to unlock it with his key. At first, there was silence as he stared at the drawer, but it soon gave way to the frantic sound of the drawer being yanked open then shoved closed. I managed to hold back a sigh of relief. The silence only made my heart beat faster; this wasn’t going the way it was planned, and it always went the way it was planned.  “Where the hell is the gun?”
A slow smile crept across my face, as I looked toward the balcony where the gun remained hidden. In his panic, he’d never think to look on the balcony, and even if he did look, he wouldn’t even realize they were right in front of him.
Footsteps echoed from the bedroom, whoever was there was desperate to be caught, giving me the spare moment I needed to dive back to my hiding spot.
Pacing the length of the couch, he gripped the phone and dialed. He held the phone to his ear, trying to calm his breathing. “Yeah, I’d like to report a robbery.” He rattled off the address to the dispatcher. “Yes, my name is Jonathan Walker, and I have two guns that have been stolen. They’re nowhere in the apartment. And…And on top of that, there was a crash outside on my balcony. That…that’s why I realized the guns were gone. I went to go look for them to protect myself…” he rambled on.  The pacing stopped when he turned around and started at the doors to the balcony. If something outside had caught his hearing, I’d missed it.
He walked over, pushed the curtains aside, and then froze. Standing on the other side of the glass doors was a man, pointing a gun right at Jonathan Walker’s chest. One bullet would be enough to kill him right then and there.
Jonathan Walker dropped the phone as his arms went up in surrender.
The man on the other side slid the door open and walked in; his thick boots made no noise. “Jonathan Walker,” he said, more of a statement than a question.
“Yes…yes…yes,” Jonathan said, taking a step back.
“I know.” A shiver went through my body as the man took another step forward. He held his gun up, silencer at the end, and pointed it straight at Jonathan. Jonathan’s back was turned toward me, but I was willing to bet that gun was touching his chest for a fatal blow.
A moment later, Jonathan fell over with the low crack of the silencer. On a Friday night, the likelihood anyone was still in his apartment was low, which didn’t help Walker at all.
The man stuffed the gun in his pants then reached down with a gloved hand and picked the phone up. He hung up and placed the phone back in the cradle on the table.
I crept back further into my little cave and waited. I could only hope that he hadn’t seen me.
He headed through the kitchen without noticing me, and then out the front door.
After a minute, I stepped out and walked toward Jonathan Walker. Blood was oozing from his chest; a large red spot had already formed on his white shirt.
My hand instinctively went to my mouth and I turned around, running toward the door, the blood was too much.
Jonathan Walker was dead.
This didn’t happen. At least, it wasn’t supposed to happen like this.
Someone had ripped me off. Why had someone else done it? It didn’t make sense, no one was supposed to even know that he was supposed to die.  How could someone just come in and kill him like that, no rhyme or reason. Killing him was my job.
I was the Assassin.


great minds....design alike?

Before you go on ranting about how I've changed it again, I will let you know, I had that design for two months. I loved it, but it was time for something new.

And, there's quite a story behind this design. See, I'm always designing in one way or another, so, it was over Christmas break, I came up with this great design for my blog to use when it I changed it. I woke up the next morning and got straight to designing, excited about the way it looked in my head.

I worked on it for a good three to four hours..... And after lunch, I took a break to read some of my favorite blogs.

And stumbled across this.

And almost cried.
Because it almost looked exactly like mine. Down to the style and everything.
And to make it worse, she was the one who did the design I just took down. She's amazing. She's sweet and funny, and an amazing designer.
So, I spent the past two months debating if I ever would put the design up... And finally decided to do it.

But what are the odds of that even happening?

insta-friday // week one

life rearranged

Yay! Friday! Today, I'm linking up with Life.rearranged for insta-friday, which is where you post instagram pictures of your week. 

Here we go! 

1. Today - It's the little pig! Today in AP Stats, we were "rolling little piggies." We would roll the pig and mark whether it landed on it's snout, back, side, or feet. It was for probability, but we mostly spent the time playing with the little pigs. Those things were too cute.

2. Yesterday - my notes on editing that I've started. (If you count half a page.) Yeah, I expect this list to double or triple in size.

3. Tuesday- s'mores goldfish. You've got brown ones for chocolate, beige ones for the graham crackers and white ones for marshmellows. I ate a bowl Tuesday as I curled up on the couch reading for three hours. 

4. Sunday - there was frost on my grass. This did not make me very happy at all.

5. Sunday - my mom is redoing our kitchen, and I found this sign that says "$5 charge for whining." Too good not to snap a picture of. 

Have a great weekend!

And, I've blogged every single day this week.


thursday tatics // editing

That darned little "e" word. -sigh- edits, how I loathe you. I loathe you like I loathe that elliptical machine I had to get on Tuesday. (Don't even get me started on how much it hurts to walk. Didn't realize I was that out of shape.)

There are many things I need to work on for The Assassin. That's only some of them. In fact, I'm sure once I dive into it, there'll be much, much more to change.

For instance, I've got to make sure that all my dialouge is smooth and makes sense, and it's only awkward if I need it to be.

I've gotta nail my description (pretty hard to do since I'm in Texas and Cassie is in a bunch of places BESIDES Texas - though she is in Texas part of the time) and make sure I can paint a picture with my words.

Oh, yeah. Originally, every third chapter (like three, six, nine, twelve.....ect...) was a flashback to Sarah, Cassie's mom. Not anymore. I've decided it would be much more fun to go ahead and use that space to tell the story through Brent's POV, but in third person.

I'm going to have so much fun with that. I mean, who doesn't want to tell the story from the bad guy's perspective?

But, I feel like I owe a lot of what I have now on this draft to Evie. She's been there numerous times as I go "OOH WHAT ABOUT THIS?!"

Seriously, hopefully someday, y'all will get to read it. It is nothing at all like the draft Harper Collins read back in 2010. (that seems like so long ago!)

I can't even stress how much different it is.

But, I'll give you one of the big changes.

Cassie now works for the government.

-insert evil laugh as people go "what?"-



young adult - emphasis on the adult

Young Adult - aka, you aren't a kid, but we don't expect you to know how to behave a real adult.

Okay, if the government sees me as a legal adult, I mean, I get to vote in November and I get to pay taxes in April.(That last part was dripping in sarcasm). So, if I'm an adult in the eyes of the government, why can't I be to everyone else? I mean, I work all weekend, I'm a full time student, I pick kids up from school, I buy groceries. 

And I read more adult books than YA books. Like, I think in the past two weeks, that's all I've read. 
Which is fine by me. I love adult mystery books. Especially comic ones.

You all know how much I love, love, love the Stephanie Plum books and Joe Morelli. In fact, I shouldn't have to even mention it before it pops up in your eyes.

But, now I'm reading a similar series, the High Heel Mysteries. 

Yes, you read that right, that does indeed say "high heels." And they're really cute, kind of like a little sister to Stephanie Plum. There's even a hot cop in it too. 

It's always the cop, isn't it? 

But, the point is, I'm loving this series, probably too much. I mean, it's got a hot cop and fashion. I may dress like someone who doesn't care (t-shirt and jeans are my usual attire), but I do. I love fashion stuff. It's weird, it's a recent obsession of mine. 

And, I'll admit I am a hopeless romantic (and forever alone), so, in lack of a boyfriend, I find myself falling head over heels for book guys. 

I'm like Edward Cullen crazy.

For everyone but him. Sparkly pale guys never do much for me. Trust me, I'm pale, though I do not sparkle. 

But, I swear, as I read all these comic mysteries with hot cops and main characters who can't have normal relationships, I feel like I will never have a normal, healthy relationship.

I worry about these things as I mentally drool over hot guys in books (you know you do it too.). 

I'm pretty sure kids don't worry about that.

Yay for adulthood (once again, note the sarcasm). 


inspire me tuesdays // v.1

as a creative person, it's always important for me to stay inspired, right? Well, here's a weekly series of things that have been inspiring me.

This week, it's bright colors.

to see more, visit my pintrest board "Color mania" 


book boyfriends // darcy o'mara

Let me just start out. I hated, hated, hated that book called Pride and Prejudice. In fact, I'm pretty sure it got one star. Actually, just lied, I didn't give it any stars. I just looked.

So, I'm sure lots of people associate the name Darcy with that book.

Not me.

I associate it with a book series called Her Royal Spyness. 

Needless to say, one of my favorite book series ever. It's got mystery and royals! What more could a anglophile and mystery nerd want?! 

How about a mysterious, hot Irish dude? Because you can never go wrong with those Irish boys. (Or Irish girls, but that's a tad bit bisas for me to say, you know, being 25% Irish and all.) 

Oh Darcy.

He has this really bad habit of showing up for like, fifty pages of the books. But boy do I savor those pages. Darcy is mysterious. It's suggested that he's a bit of a womanizer (why do I always like the womanizers?!), but he hasn't actually slept with the main character, Georgie.

She's still a virgin like me. :D 

Darcy also has a bit of a protective side for Georgie because she's a tad bit naive. She solves mysteries for the queen, but because of her royal upbringing, she doesn't know how things work in the real world.

But Darcy spends his days working to find money since his dad went into deep debt (it's the 1930s) and will leave Darcy no inheritance.

It amazes me how, no matter where Georgie goes (Scotland, England, France, Transvalynia) Darcy is always there.

Not that Georgie or I are complaining.

But, I do suggest that you read the books, they're very light hearted and a good pick me up. 



So, I've got a good amount size of followers, I mean, -checks number- 167 isn't bad.

But the problem is, I don't know all of you guys! And I want to! 
So, let's do some introductions! 

I'll start.
I'm Laura. 
The redhead who posts weird pictures and writes weird books (teenage assassin, normal girls saving superheroes... I think you get the idea.)
I'm that girl ^^
I have a crush on Richard Castle. 
I'm a romantic at heart, though I'll never admit this to my parents.
I'm obviously creative, yet neither of my parents have a creative bone in their bodies. One's a retired math teacher and the other is a computer geek.
I'm the oldest of four.
My dog is a klutz, just like me.
I met my best friend for the first time this week.

I'm determined to marry my own fictional character (I'll explain that later,) 

Oh, yeah, I'm a high school senior dying to graduate.

And I think my dog might have just farted.

So, go ahead and introduce yourselves! 

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