thursday tatics // book covers

It's the 21st century. Yes, feel free to go ahead and judge a book by it's cover. They ought to be good enough.

Covers mean everything. What we see is the first impression of a book we have. It needs to be simple, but engrossing at the same time.

For instant, take the cover for Existence by Abbi Glines. The paranormal romance cover has that guy (Dank) with those eyes. That's all it takes, those eyes call you in.

Whether it's something as simple as those eyes *insert fangirl swoon here* or pretty colors like Delirum's first run cover, you need to have something edgy and catchy.

Both of these covers are gorgeous (the one on the left looks so much nicer in person).

Remember, covers are your reader's first impression of your book, whether you want it to be or not.
So, make sure your cover is something you're proud of and you'd want people to pick up.  


Ashley said...

You can say all that again! And Dank's eyes...*big girly sigh*.

rach. said...

so...going to have to look into these... lol

love, rach.

Victoria said...

Hey girl,
Found you through YPIL. Super cute blog, so I decided to follow! I used to read SO much, but lately not at all. Maybe I can get some inspiration here! Thanks a ton!
Victoria from Unlock Your World

Gina said...

Now I would really like to read Existence right now! And Delirium was so good--the cover is amazing too!

xo, gina


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