one for the money // the movie

So, guess what I did this weekend!!

If you guessed that I saw One for the Money, you guessed right!

Yes, I know it has a 3% on Rotten tomatoes, but still.

I actually liked it.

My two main complaints?

The main characters were cast wrong (Though none of the actors did a horrible job, there was room for improvement).

The plot was scrunched together.

Oh, the script was bad.

I guess that's three.

But, on the bright side, neither of these things made an appearance:

Maybe Lionsgate saw my post and edited them out ;)
I doubt it, but wouldn't that be cool?

So, my suggestion? If you see the movie, read the book and vise versa. It was fun to go see the book brought to the screen, but you get a lot more character development with Stephanie's thoughts in the book.

Did any of you go see it?


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