break my heart // love triangles

Don't you just hate when you read books and they end so dramatically? Unfinished? Sure, nowadays, you are more than likely to get a sequel, but still, waiting nine months to two years to find out what happens next?

I hate when authors do it, but then again, being an author myself, I understand why they do it. Sometimes you need something so shocking to keep your readers from forgetting the ending before the next book comes out. 

But still, my least favorite part is always when the guy walks away. 

Call me a hopeless romantic, but I just hate when the guy goes away and then the girl creates a love triangle with another guy.

Don't believe me?

These books feature a love triangle (and these are just a few):

  • Matched
  • Vampire Academy (Though, I will say, this was a good love triangle.)
  • the Stephanie Plum books
  • Twilight
  • The Hunger Games
  • Uglies
  • just about any book from Meg Cabot

Plus so many more....

What's the big idea about love triangles anyways? 

Well, to be honest, I don't really know. I can understand them in some situations. Like, The Assassin, if it ever sees the book stores (And has sequels that see the stores) has a love triangle, but it's not until the last book, really because up until that point there isn't really a need.

She dates two different guys at two separate times. 

Not a love triangle.

And, in my defense those relationships are both totally legit. She's a teenager, you're supposed to date multiple people as a teenager.

Unless, you know, you're like me and pledged to marry your own fictional character. 

But, hopefully none of you have succumbed to the charms of men you've created. It's not fun. 

But, love triangles seem more like a thing you have to have now in order to get published.

I say boo to that!

What's wrong with being with one guy if he's the right one? Sure, if you've got a lot of books (like ten), it make sense that the MC would have more than one love interest because she's a teenager (I'm assuming). 

But if you have three books, or four (*cough cough Mrs. Collins and Mrs. Meyers), you don't need more than one love interest. It's a bit ridiculous.

I mean, I understand that teenagers have the attention spans of goldfish most of the time, but this is love, a strong emotion that you should really think about if you are so torn on who to love. If I was faced with two guys liking me at the same time (HAHAHAH!! I crack myself up sometimes) and I liked both of them (once again, probably wouldn't happen) I'd just leave. 

If you honestly like two guys equally, I don't think you really like either of them, do you get what I'm saying? 

Love triangles. Not a fan.

I never liked odd numbers anyways. 


Rachel.T said...

This. Is. So. Accurate. I don't get why writing about a decent, ups-and-downs relationship between two people is so hard for writers today. Noooo, they just have to add a third person. And I also dislike odd numbers, so yeah.

{Oh, by the way, you have an amazing blog :)}

Stephanie said...

haha..I'm with you. I just finished up the Uglies for a Teaching Literature to Adolescents class and am annoyed that I don't have time to read the rest of them to find out what happens to Tally and David! blah...great blog post though.

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