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Yeah, I know there isn't a guy on the cover, but oh boy. He's a cutie. The book When Lightning Strikes is the first in a series by Meg Cabot. The series is about Jess, a girl who can find missing people after she's struck by lightning. Rob is that dangerous bad boy. The one with the motorcycle.
I think everyone gets that right?
Rob is really tall, has dark hair, and grey-ish blue eyes (like me!) He's really protective of Jess, the MC, because she's small and tends to get in fights with people bigger than her (football players, kidnappers and the FBI). Jess and Rob aren't really together for much of the series. She's a town kid and a he's a country kid, which is totally frowned upon in their town. And while Jess has no problem admitting she's got feelings for the guy, Rob is a little more cautious. He's two years older than her, and he's on probation. *insert collective gasps*
Yeah, he takes bad boy to a different level. But, he's one of those misunderstood bad boys. The ones we all love.

And even if he won't admit he likes her, it's totally obvious since he puts up with everything she does. :)

I won't tell you the fate of Rob and Jess, so you'll just have to read for that.

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Oh cool! Gonna have to look into this<3

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