18 more weeks // a call for editors

18 more weeks (well, seventeen and a half) of school.
I can do this! Right? I got this. 

Let's see..... 17 and a half weeks is 85 (roughly) more days of school. Plus two left this week is 87.
87 times three classes each day is.......
261 classes between me and graduation.


That's kind of depressing, isn't it? It seems so far away.

But, all hope is not lost, I will finish my book by then! 

If I would actually write instead of blog. 

Right? I hope to have this draft of the book done (yeah right) by Funerary 11th. Random day, I know, but I need it done. Then I'll send it to people and have them send me edits. If you'd like to read the finished draft when I finish it, leave a comment with your email, or if you have my email, go ahead and email it to me so I can send it to you.

I'd love any feedback. I need it.
This draft is BAD...

Like literally, half way through the novel it takes a 180. Characters are popping up in it that weren't supposed to come in for another two books! And I've taken characters out, deciding to introduce them in later books.

This draft ain't like any other I've done. 

And, the reason I'd like to have it done by February 11th? Well, I'd love to have my editing and polishing done by the time I move, because when I move in August, that could take a week or two, plus getting used to college schedules could easily equal up to a month or so where I just can't write.

And if I go a month without editing while I'm in the middle of editing, well, that just spells disaster, right? So, better to be done with it.

And, maybe if college is good to me my first semester, I'll be able to query....

But that's another post for another time. 

Happy Wednesday! 


Zoey Talbon said...

ME ME ME! :D I'd probably only do stuff with it on Saturdays, but I SWEAR I CAN HELP! :D

And, uh, you know my email, I think :D

Laura Toeniskoetter said...

Yes, I do. And, that's fine.

Ashley said...

I review books, so I'd LOVE to give you feedback!

I'll give you my email, if you're interested...


{And I'm a FAST reader too...I read a book a day pretty much!}

Julie said...

I'd love to help! If you're interested my email is:


Bianca McCray said...

I'd love to help, if you want. Not sure if you still have my email from the giveaway so here it is...


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