one for the money // the movie

So, guess what I did this weekend!!

If you guessed that I saw One for the Money, you guessed right!

Yes, I know it has a 3% on Rotten tomatoes, but still.

I actually liked it.

My two main complaints?

The main characters were cast wrong (Though none of the actors did a horrible job, there was room for improvement).

The plot was scrunched together.

Oh, the script was bad.

I guess that's three.

But, on the bright side, neither of these things made an appearance:

Maybe Lionsgate saw my post and edited them out ;)
I doubt it, but wouldn't that be cool?

So, my suggestion? If you see the movie, read the book and vise versa. It was fun to go see the book brought to the screen, but you get a lot more character development with Stephanie's thoughts in the book.

Did any of you go see it?


break my heart // love triangles

Don't you just hate when you read books and they end so dramatically? Unfinished? Sure, nowadays, you are more than likely to get a sequel, but still, waiting nine months to two years to find out what happens next?

I hate when authors do it, but then again, being an author myself, I understand why they do it. Sometimes you need something so shocking to keep your readers from forgetting the ending before the next book comes out. 

But still, my least favorite part is always when the guy walks away. 

Call me a hopeless romantic, but I just hate when the guy goes away and then the girl creates a love triangle with another guy.

Don't believe me?

These books feature a love triangle (and these are just a few):

  • Matched
  • Vampire Academy (Though, I will say, this was a good love triangle.)
  • the Stephanie Plum books
  • Twilight
  • The Hunger Games
  • Uglies
  • just about any book from Meg Cabot

Plus so many more....

What's the big idea about love triangles anyways? 

Well, to be honest, I don't really know. I can understand them in some situations. Like, The Assassin, if it ever sees the book stores (And has sequels that see the stores) has a love triangle, but it's not until the last book, really because up until that point there isn't really a need.

She dates two different guys at two separate times. 

Not a love triangle.

And, in my defense those relationships are both totally legit. She's a teenager, you're supposed to date multiple people as a teenager.

Unless, you know, you're like me and pledged to marry your own fictional character. 

But, hopefully none of you have succumbed to the charms of men you've created. It's not fun. 

But, love triangles seem more like a thing you have to have now in order to get published.

I say boo to that!

What's wrong with being with one guy if he's the right one? Sure, if you've got a lot of books (like ten), it make sense that the MC would have more than one love interest because she's a teenager (I'm assuming). 

But if you have three books, or four (*cough cough Mrs. Collins and Mrs. Meyers), you don't need more than one love interest. It's a bit ridiculous.

I mean, I understand that teenagers have the attention spans of goldfish most of the time, but this is love, a strong emotion that you should really think about if you are so torn on who to love. If I was faced with two guys liking me at the same time (HAHAHAH!! I crack myself up sometimes) and I liked both of them (once again, probably wouldn't happen) I'd just leave. 

If you honestly like two guys equally, I don't think you really like either of them, do you get what I'm saying? 

Love triangles. Not a fan.

I never liked odd numbers anyways. 


sponsor in febuary! (there's freebies)

at first, I figured I wasn't going to do sponsoring in February, but I've changed my rates, yet again, and I have a feeling that there's going to be a bigger demand.

1. XL is 250x200 and $15
2. Large is 200x200 $10 
3. *note new sizes* Medium 200x100 - $5
4. *note new sizes* Small 100x100 - free

Yes, that does say free, but I'm only going to allow 14 small adds (there'll be two on each row), so you better act fast!

email me at lalatennisketter[at]gmail[dot]com to find out more details!



well, howdy guys. It's Laura, you know the girl who usually posts here. 

In my defense, the blog has been quite because life hasn't been...

I'm pretty sure the last time I sat down at a computer was Thursday night while I writing my last blog post.


You see, I worked almost 15 hours this weekend. 3 parties - was supposed to be four - and I'm doing another one tonight.

Yes, someone decided to have a birthday party on a Monday night, and please don't ask why, I don't know why. 

And, I didn't open my backpack up until this morning.....



1K a Day Challenge

In a society with fancy things like iphones, twitter, facebook and gimp, it's hard to stay focused some (okay, most) days and just write. And, since I'm putting myself on a strict deadline, I'm going to start the 1K a day challenge.

Yes, 1K a day being 1,000 words a day, not a kilometer (I've had instances where I'd post on facebook "I've done 1K today and people always think running -- I don't run). 

So, I invite you to join me in this challenge of writing 1,000 words a day. Think you can do it?



18 more weeks // a call for editors

18 more weeks (well, seventeen and a half) of school.
I can do this! Right? I got this. 

Let's see..... 17 and a half weeks is 85 (roughly) more days of school. Plus two left this week is 87.
87 times three classes each day is.......
261 classes between me and graduation.


That's kind of depressing, isn't it? It seems so far away.

But, all hope is not lost, I will finish my book by then! 

If I would actually write instead of blog. 

Right? I hope to have this draft of the book done (yeah right) by Funerary 11th. Random day, I know, but I need it done. Then I'll send it to people and have them send me edits. If you'd like to read the finished draft when I finish it, leave a comment with your email, or if you have my email, go ahead and email it to me so I can send it to you.

I'd love any feedback. I need it.
This draft is BAD...

Like literally, half way through the novel it takes a 180. Characters are popping up in it that weren't supposed to come in for another two books! And I've taken characters out, deciding to introduce them in later books.

This draft ain't like any other I've done. 

And, the reason I'd like to have it done by February 11th? Well, I'd love to have my editing and polishing done by the time I move, because when I move in August, that could take a week or two, plus getting used to college schedules could easily equal up to a month or so where I just can't write.

And if I go a month without editing while I'm in the middle of editing, well, that just spells disaster, right? So, better to be done with it.

And, maybe if college is good to me my first semester, I'll be able to query....

But that's another post for another time. 

Happy Wednesday! 


fun at the lake // a laura and rachel photoshoot

this is Rachel:

Gorgeous, isn't she?
Superb girl. She's a lot like me, she writes books and takes pictures. It's a shame we don't get to hang out very much. Let me just say, she is a wonderful model.

And then she took some photos of me.

Oh, fun fact. She's the girl behind these pictures too:

book boyfriend // rob

Yeah, I know there isn't a guy on the cover, but oh boy. He's a cutie. The book When Lightning Strikes is the first in a series by Meg Cabot. The series is about Jess, a girl who can find missing people after she's struck by lightning. Rob is that dangerous bad boy. The one with the motorcycle.
I think everyone gets that right?
Rob is really tall, has dark hair, and grey-ish blue eyes (like me!) He's really protective of Jess, the MC, because she's small and tends to get in fights with people bigger than her (football players, kidnappers and the FBI). Jess and Rob aren't really together for much of the series. She's a town kid and a he's a country kid, which is totally frowned upon in their town. And while Jess has no problem admitting she's got feelings for the guy, Rob is a little more cautious. He's two years older than her, and he's on probation. *insert collective gasps*
Yeah, he takes bad boy to a different level. But, he's one of those misunderstood bad boys. The ones we all love.

And even if he won't admit he likes her, it's totally obvious since he puts up with everything she does. :)

I won't tell you the fate of Rob and Jess, so you'll just have to read for that.


life according to my iphone

Yeah, that sums it up.


mia - and the ultimate apology

Sorry, I've got finals the next two days, so there'll probably be no thursday tatics. So, until I come out of finals, enjoy this amazing apology video....
I hope none of y'all are Chris Brown fans. XD


book boyfriend // dank

First off, those eyes. Whoo, I mean, how can you not fall for those eyes? Right? I mean, look at them?

I just finished reading Existence over my Christmas break, and I fell in love with Dank. He's Death, and he falls in love with Pagan, the MC.

Dank is your typical bad boy that you so disparately want to love, but you know you probably shouldn't. Granted, it makes it more complicated since he's dead -- but that's fine since Pagan can see dead people.

You'd think.... Dank breaks a lot of rules as he falls for Pagan, and the sequel Predestined, he'll have to hold up to the consequences of breaking the rules.

But with eyes like those, I have faith he'll win.

Yeah, I can't get over the eyes....

And I've never liked blue eyes to begin with......

If you want to learn more about the book, click here to go visit the page on Abbi's website. 

And then go read this. And fall for the boy with eyes.

Just go do it.



So, I've gotten a few followers in the past couple of days, and I realized, there may not be much you guys know about me besides the fact I write and take a crazy amount of strange photos. And I've never been good at telling people about myself unless asked directly.

So, here's the chance for y'all to ask me whatever you guys want! (Within reason, of course.)

I'll probably answer them next weekend or the weekend after! So, go ahead. Click the little comment button and ask away. 

No, really, ask. It'd be pretty embarrassing if no one asked me anything. 

Happy Saturday! 


thursday tatics // book covers

It's the 21st century. Yes, feel free to go ahead and judge a book by it's cover. They ought to be good enough.

Covers mean everything. What we see is the first impression of a book we have. It needs to be simple, but engrossing at the same time.

For instant, take the cover for Existence by Abbi Glines. The paranormal romance cover has that guy (Dank) with those eyes. That's all it takes, those eyes call you in.

Whether it's something as simple as those eyes *insert fangirl swoon here* or pretty colors like Delirum's first run cover, you need to have something edgy and catchy.

Both of these covers are gorgeous (the one on the left looks so much nicer in person).

Remember, covers are your reader's first impression of your book, whether you want it to be or not.
So, make sure your cover is something you're proud of and you'd want people to pick up.  


book boyfriends // joe morelli

Happy New Year! 

Right now, I'm stuck in English class, which brings me to the first new post series of the year, book boyfriends! Every Monday (at least until I run out of boys) will feature a new book boyfriend.

First up, well, my favorite, Mr. Joe Morelli. He's Stephanie Plum's off and on boyfriend in the books. In the very first book, he's a cop who's been arrested for murdering an unarmed man. He's bailed out and skips his hearing to avoid going back to jail.

In the first book, One for the Money, Stephanie has to catch Morelli and take him back to jail to receive her first paycheck of $10,000. Except Morelli doesn't want to be caught. 

Joe Morelli has appeared in all eighteen of the Stephanie Plum books. He and Stephanie have had quite a romance, from when they were kids, to teenagers, to that failed engagement I was so excited about. There are several times that Janet Evanovich, the author, writes about how Joe Morelli basically oozes testosterone. 

And it's true.  

He's a bit overprotective of Stephanie, always afriad she's going to get in trouble for doing things a tad bit left of the norm and for not being the best bounty hunter. 

I still totally believe they will get married and have lots of babies, just like Morelli's grandma Bella says. 

Morelli, and everyone in the series, are adults, so if you aren't comfortable with reading adult books (this is a mystery, there's some dead people, some crime, and some sexual refrences), wait a while before you read this book, but trust me, once you wait, it'll totally be worth it.

I promise.

^^Jason O'Mara as Joe Morelli in One for the Money. It's out January 27th! 

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