Life has been hectic....
and, that is an understatement.
This weekend, I started working at a local bowling alley as a party hostess. I clocked in 11 hours of training in two days. The last time my feet hurt so much was when I went to DC this past summer!

But, life being hectic is a blessing to me. I love the craziness of life. Do I wish that I could have more time to do things like blog and write? Well, yeah, I do. I'd love more time, but I know that I won't have that time for a while (try like when I move out and don't have parents to nag me all the time ;)) But, I'm okay with the fact that I don't have that time. As long as I can do something productive, like work, or study, or find scholarships. I just can't be.... well, not busy.

Right now, "keep calm and write on" is kind of my motto, even though, I should change it to "keep calm and plot on." I've had more great book ideas in the past month than ever. But, they'll have to wait because I don't have time. 
It's funny how everyone complains about not having enough time, and yet, as soon as we get time, we complain because we have nothing to do. Is it just a part of the human psyche? Maybe. Probably. As far as I know, it is, but that's just a part of who we are. And, then, before we know it, our time is gone. 
It's funny to think, in a year, I'll be in college. It seems like such a far way off, but I know it isn't. In six months, I'll be preparing to graduate high school, finalizing everything for college and for leaving the town I've lived in my whole life. 
I'm ready for it, but then again, I'm not. 
All I can do is leave it up to time and let time take control, because, well, it isn't like I can. 


Life According to Lala

The formatting of the post got all screwed up. :/


Three Words for Y'all

We've got this. We're gonna win the World Series this year.
<3 Texas Rangers.


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Five Reasons I will NOT being doing NaNoWriMo

  1. time - I'm in three core classes, I'm about to start a job - which will be a weekend only job (like Friday nights and all day Saturday), I have younger siblings I have to take places..... The list goes on and on.
  2. I'm already working on a book - Remember this little sucker? I don't want to work on anything until I finish this draft. I think this is about the eigth rewrite. And, it's good for me, it gets better and better everytime. I'm hoping *crosses fingers* that after I finish this draft, I can send it to a few people (any volunteers?), get some edits done, and start querying. I'd really love to query it. I haven't actually finished a book since last Christmas when I finished Snatched - last year's NaNoWriMo.
  3. Ideas - okay, yes, I do have a few ideas, including Bad Example. I have another idea as well, but none of them are well fleshed out or plotted and I'm not going to be stupid and not plan. I don't think it'd be possible for me to just B.S. it and win.
  4. My groove - my groove is kind of in a low point. I go through highs and lows through my groove, some weekends, I'll write almost 10K, and some, I'll be lucky to get to 1K.
  5. I've already got a list of books I need to work on, this is kind of my schedule:
  • finish The Assassin
  • while friends and betas are reading and making notes on it, I want to rewrite Super Ordinary. I only got to about 20K in it before I decided to jump back into The Assassin.
  • edit The Assassin (I'll probably be in college by then)
  • query The Assassin while working on either Snatched or Super Ordinary
  • once I have all of those under control, I'll work on either Bad Example or my other book that I haven't told y'all about, which at the moment is called Ready to Fall (to a murderer that is -insert evil laughs-)
Was that five already? wow..... anyways, I've got a lot going on, and I just don't have time to sit here and write a whole entire book in a month. Maybe someday (like after I graduate college and have summers off because I'm going to be a teacher), but not any time soon.

I am in so much trouble

If I disappear for a few days, I'm probably grounded.
I just failed my government final. So, yeah, just so y'all know. I hope I don't get grounded, but...... I may. :/


I'm Obsessed.

With the Pistol Annies.

If you've followed me long enough, you know that all I listen to is country music. I love my country music, even though I live in the suburbs (always have too). Music is just a great thing for me - whether I'm in the car driving somewhere (Yes, I am that crazy person you see jamming out in her car next to you) or at church where I sing in the choir. 
Anyways, one of my favorite singers is Miranda Lambert. If you don't listen to country music, you may know her from this song: 

Honestly, this is probably one of my least favorite songs from her. I love the songs that country music knows her for. Like:

That is my Miranda Lambert.
Anyways, Miranda has this "girl group" called the Pistol Annies. And they are total bad-ass. I'm sorry, there's just no other way to describe them. They are amazing. Wanna see?

Miranda is the one on the right. And super sassy. This is just a glimpse of what she's like as a performer.
These girls are amazing, they harmonize really well.... And remember that pitch I posted about a month ago? This one?. Inspired by this song. (Which I am listening to at the moment).

Sick of the youtube videos yet? Good, me too. I'm just going to go back and keep listening to my Pistol Annies.


It's been a year already?

That was a year ago! A year ago I was sitting in the top five, frantically trying to make sure everything was ready for when HarperCollins read my book. A year ago! So much has happened to this book since then.
Like, the writing. I feel like my writing developed a lot. And the book itself has changed so much. When HaperCollins read my book, this was the opening.

            She closed her eyes and stood there. Tonight would be the night that he’d come for her; there was something in the air that said so. For a year and a half he’d slapped, screamed and abused her into telling him what he wanted. He had even locked her in a house, away from the world, hoping to get “it”.
            But she didn’t know what “it” was. Whenever she’d ask him what “it” was; he’d say that she knew.
            As much as she told herself; she couldn’t be brave. It was all an act, Please, Lord, please forgive him for what he is going to do, she prayed, but she wasn’t going to be the one forgiving him for all the things he had done to her.           
Pulling the apple out of the fridge, she walked to the counter and began to cut it. She placed the knife back down on the counter and turned to wash her hands. It just needed to be over, the agony and anxiety; she just wanted it to end.  The only thing that mattered was that her baby survived. Her baby would be okay, she could see these things. She knew that her baby would be destined for great things, depending on what one would call “great things.”
            The slamming car door made her jump, and she listened for the sounds of his footsteps approaching the front door.  He jiggled the door, but the lock held. Angry, he began to bang on it; each bang making her heart beat faster and faster.
“Sarah, come answer the goddamn door.”
            “No!” Sarah cried. She wasn’t going to let him in. That would be like letting the devil in. She could not welcome evil into her house, not willingly at least. “Please, don’t let him have a key, Lord,” she whispered. She knew that he wasn’t going to let her live much longer.
            She wanted to live. She was going to put up a fight, even if she knew it wasn’t worth it. 
            The door opened and closed quietly and her heart began to beat faster.
            “Where is it?” Three little words had enough power to send chills down her spine. It amazed her how one man could cause so much fear and terror in her life.
“It’s not here,” she said. “I don’t know what you think I have, but I don’t have it, and if I did, I most certainly would not give it to you.”
            She could feel his gaze on her. “Very funny, Sarah, but I don’t have time for this,” he said.
            “You’re going to kill me, aren’t you?” Sarah knew better than to ask the question, but it was too late.
            “I won’t if you tell me where it is.”
            If only it were that simple, she thought. Then she snapped.
            “For the last time, I don’t know where “it” is. Goddamn you! Having the nerve to lock me up in a house expecting me to give you whatever it is you want! Well, I won’t deal with it anymore! Get out of my house!” She swung the knife at him, trying to get him to back off.
            He took a step back then stared at her in amusement. “Calm down, it’s all okay, if you don’t know where it is; I guess there’s only one thing to do then.” He grinned.
            “You kill me with that thing,” she gestured to the gun hidden in his jacket- “You’ll be sorry. I’ve seen it. You think you’ll be the one with the last laugh, but you won’t be. You better not come anywhere near me with that thing!”
            Sarah was tired of this. She could either kill him, or let him kill her. But that was the difference between them. He killed people for a living; she couldn’t even kill a fly. She respected life, he destroyed it. 
            “Really?” he asked her, “And I suppose you think you’re going to tell me that you had another vision.”
            He thought her “visions” were nothing but crap. They didn’t mean anything. She’d been right before with her visions, but Brent refused to believe in such things. He simply believed it to be all coincidental.
            “Yes, I did. You kill me, and she,” she pointed to the baby, sleeping in her crib in the living room, “will be better at your stupid little game than you.”
They both turned to listen to the infant girl, now awake at the sound of the arguing. Sarah moved to go pick up the baby, but he stopped her.
            “Excuse me?”
            “I know you kill people. If you kill me, you will be caught. And she will take your place, and she will be a better assassin that you could ever imagine. You will try to kill her, try to stop her, but you will be stopped.”
            “That is crazy.” He raised the gun and aimed it towards her head.
            “No, you-”
            She crumbled to the floor, and the knife she had just threatened him with slid across the tile.       Blood rushed from her head, down onto the floor. He gave her a kick in the side and leaned down. “Looks like everything is finished here.”  
            He stood up, made his way to the door, and then stopped. He turned back to the baby, staring at it. He thought back to what Sarah had said, something about that baby being a better assassin than him. It made him laugh. After all, that baby was just a baby, a baby girl. She’d never be able to kill.
            After a moment, Brent decided to leave the baby where it was, in the crib, she would starve to death. No one would ever have to know about her, or her mother.
            Brent opened the door, and without another glance, he walked into the dark, cold night.


The post where I rant about Apple

So, I can't update to iOS 5 because my ipod is too old. Apparently, I have a second generation iPod, not a third generation like THE FREAKIN BOX TOLD ME I DID!

I has a little iPod that looks like this:

No camera, no face time, no nothing fancy. I don't even get the wallpaper feature or mulitasking.
It's pretty sad when your technology is so old, you can't even update it.
It's time for an update. 

And, lucky for me, my birthday is in .....
One month and four days.
I will be a legal adult. 
Thank God. I'm sorry, but 17 has been a bit of a shitty year. 
I'm ready to move on. 
So, on my list for my birthday, I've got this little sucker:
Pretty neat, huh? I love the white iPhone, so I want the white iPod touch. There's just one little problem, actually two.
My dad is really tight about spending money. If I got a new iPod, I'd need a 32 gig because I outgrew my 8 GB. Well, that's 300 dollars that could be used to pay for college books or something else....
But it's my birthday... 
Well, not today, but in a month it will be. 
And, somehow, I feel like I'm still going to be stuck with the one I have now. 
That's just how my family rolls.
So thanks Apple. You got me all excited for the new iOS 5, but that doesn't really matter anymore, now does it? 

-end of rant-


I swear.... I didn't die.

I've just been so busy - cleaning and homecoming is next weekend. But, to make up for it, you writers, here's the opening to the new, revised The Assassin. Many thanks to Evie who read this probably twenty times and sent me three separate edits of this chapter to get it into tip top shape.


Contest Time!

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life according to lala // summertime 2011

I'm a photographer. Look at how many posts have photos I've taken. So, this is a new series, where you'll see photos from my life. :P
Oh, by the way. All of these were edited with instagram on my iTouch.
Santa Fe - 2011

Stop sign in front of the Cathedral in Santa Fe.

Elephant statue!
Dust storm in Lubbock. I was there with my best friend and we flipped out. We'd never been in a dust storm. Too legit. 

There were windmills everywhere in west Texas.
In fact, that was the only thing in west Texas.

The hotel lit up. I had to get a picture of that. 
Washington DC 2011

The White House. I got as close as they would let me. 

The United States Capitol. We went in there. And under it. 

Federal Triangle Metro Stop. DC people are really big about going under ground. 

So,. that's my summer! Look for another "life according to lala" sometime next week, maybe!

Being Sick Sucks

I haven't been out of my house since Sunday night when I came home from choir practice. And ate oreos. Those damn oreos. And now I have a fever.
So.... I spent yesterday reading on my nook and watching this:

Before you flip out, everyone was okay. There's a chemical plant in Waxahacie that caught fire. I watched three and a half hours of the coverage, watching it explode and burn and the firefighters gain control over it. Last I heard, it was 95% contained. That was as of last night. Like I said, no one got hurt.
And, then, this morning, I was going to read Carrier of the Mark by my friend, Leigh Fallon.
But my nook died over night.
So, I'm listening to commentary about the Apple keynote.
Life is boring right now. I'm pretty positive I won't be going to school today. My temperature is already 99degrees.


friday night lights

Senior year. And I've gotten into football. I never thought I would.
But, I have. I used to spend Friday nights at home, writing away, but now, I haven't been home on a Friday night in a month. I was working for two fridays, and spent the two after at football games.
Last night was the Mound Showdown, our big rivalry game with the other team in town - Marcus.

 The stands were packed.

 My friend's car. We're very classy that way. :P
 Our drill team.

 Score at half time. We're winning. :) We scored the touchdown right at the buzzard.

We ended up losing in over time because we missed our extra point, but the game was super intense. We really put up a fight!

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