Short Snippet Saturday

Today is kind of two "short snippet saturdays" in one. The first part is the end of chapter two from The Assassin. The second part is *all* of chapter three, it's a flashback.....


I ENDED UP having most of my classes with Seth Edwards, and he never skipped an opportunity to call me out during the day. As I rode up on the elevator at home, I decided there had to be something done about him. I couldn’t have him accusing me of checking him out on a regular basis. He seemed to have almost completely ignored Lorraine, and she’d practically thrown herself on him.
            There had to be a way to get him off of my back.
            The door opened and I walked out into the hallway. I opened the front door to the loft I shared with my dad, Joe, and dumped my bag underneath the bar in the kitchen. Joe was probably at work, giving me the two story apartment to myself. Joe was a the Vice President of some company that sold gift baskets to the celebrities when they came to New York.
            I went to the kitchen to find a snack and when I came back out, I froze. The door to the back patio was open. It was never open. Joe and I hardly ever used it for it to be open.
            I walked over and closed the door, unsure what to think. Had we been robbed? I mean, it was New York after all, and people were robbed in New York all the time. But, I couldn’t imagine how someone would get in. We were up on the twelfth floor. Sure, we had a fire escape, but there were a lot of other places in our building to rob before you got to our floor. I locked the door, double checking it, and began to look for anything that could be missing. The dining room looked to be okay, and the TV was still here, so I didn’t know what they could possibly be looking for.
            I peeked in Joe’s room, but everything seemed to be in place there. I tried to shake off the feeling that something bigger was happening, but if someone broke into our loft and then didn’t steal anything, something was wrong.
            I went and walked upstairs to the row of bedrooms that opened up to the bottom floor. There were three in a row, plus another one at the end. My bedroom was the middle one in the row.
            The door was slightly opened, caught on the doorframe. I gave it a quick kick and it swung open.
            I froze. The room had been trashed, ransacked. It was a disaster.
            “What on earth-”
*end of chapter two*


New Music Tuesdays

It's Reba! Reba is a musical genius and a living legend. She's done country music, Broadway, and she had a hit sitcom for a few years! This is her newest album that came out last year. Enjoy!

  1. Turn on the Radio - 1st single, number one
  2. If I Were a Boy - 2nd single, top thirty
  3. The Bridge You Burn
  4. Cry
  5. When Love Gets a Hold of You - 3rd single, currently charting
  6. Somebody's Chelsea
  7. All the Women I Am
  8. The Day She Got Divorced
  9. A Little Want To
  10. When You Have a Child


Short Snippet Saturday - The Assassin

Here's another short snippet Saturday, picking up right where last week's left off! Enjoy!

“Miss Dreandry, please, how many times do I have to ask you? Pay attention, next time, I will refer you to the office.”
            “No worries, Mrs. Hinkley, it was my fault,” Seth said. “I just had a question and asked her.”
            Mrs. Hinkley stood there for a moment/ “If you say so, Mr. Edwards, you can raise your hand next time you have a question and I will be more than happy to answer it for you.”
            “Yes, ma’am.”
            I spent the rest of class making sure I didn’t look behind me. I didn’t want to give him any reason to think I was “checking him out.” Because, I mean, I certainly was not checking him out. Okay, so, yeah, he had these deep, light blue eyes, and light brown hair that contrasted well with the eyes. Not that I’d spent an excessive amount of time looking at him to know.
            When the bell rang forty-five minutes later, I grabbed my bag and tried to leave before he could catch up with me. “Hey, wait up!” He called.
            It didn’t take a genius to know he was talking to me, but I didn’t wait up. Better not to be accused of something ridiculous again. I turned the sharp corner to my locker and started to work on the lock. I saw him coming out of the corner of my eyes, but I didn’t look back, and instead I focused on the locker combination. Forty-three, nineteen, thirty-three. The locker snapped open and I shoved my English binder in.
            “Hey, did you not hear me?” he asked.
            “Oh, were you talking to me?” I tried to plaster on my little, innocent face. “Sorry, I guess I didn’t hear you.”
            “Ah, nice try, Toots, but, you heard me and we both know it.”
            “Um, actually, I didn’t. And don’t call me Toots,” I said, slamming my locker door.
            “Jeez, Cassie, what’s your problem?” Aaron, who’s locker was next to mine, asked.
            “Well, I was going to say I don’t know your name, but Cassie?” he asked, almost like he was afraid I’d say “no” or something.
            “Yeah, I’m Cassie,” I said.
            “Well, what class do you have next?” he asked. It was hard to think as he gazed at me with those intense blue eyes, but it wasn’t hard to notice other kids stopping and staring, wondering why the new boy would talk to Cassie Dreandry.
            “I…I…I have history,” I managed to spit out. “I gotta go, you know, only five minutes between classes.”
            “Oh, yeah, right.” He looked down at his schedule and I left him there standing in the middle of the hallway, without even a “see ya’ later” or anything.
            Mia and I had history together, she even sat in front of me. When I slid into my seat, Mia turned around. “Did you hear? There’s a new kid in our grade!”
            “Yeah, he’s in my English class.”
            “He is?” she cried. Mia: always the one to know the first on everything. She leaned down and whispered, “is he cute?”
            “Well, I mean-”
            “Oh, never mind, I forgot, you don’t notice that stuff.” She flipped her hair back over her shoulder. “God, I hope I have a class with him.”
            “Why? I mean, he’s just a new kid, it’s not all that great,” I said, remembering the move from Texas to New York in sixth grade. “Oh, and, he is cute.”
            I leaned down to grab my binder as Mia stared at me, shocked. “You think he’s cute?” she giggled.
            “Sh!” I cried. “You don’t need to tell the whole world!”
            “But, it’s cute!” Mia said. “Did he talk to you?”
            “What do you mean?” she asked.
            “He’s a jerk. He embarrassed me in front of the whole class.”
            “Oh, please how bad could it be?”
            If only she knew. I had a tough reputation for not taking interest in boys, and they didn’t take interest in me. Not that it mattered, much, anyways. I didn’t want to date any of the boys in my school.
            “Cassie, is that the new boy?” she asked. She pointed toward the door and when I looked up to see, he saw me and waved.
            “Yes,” I whispered. “That’d be him.”
            “Heya, Toots,” he said. “Does anyone sit here?” he asked, nodding to the desk next to mine.
            “Actually, someone-”
            “No. No one sits there,” Mia said.
            I turned around and shot her a dirty look. She should have known that I wouldn’t want him to sit next to me, but she still told him to sit there! She caught my look and flashed a fake smile to me that said you’ll thank me later.  Somehow, I couldn’t ever see myself thanking her for letting Seth Edwards sit next to me.
            “Cool then,” he said. He put his books down on the desk and sat down next to me. “Is that okay if I sit here?” he asked me.
            “I don’t care,” I said.
            He grinned at me. “I’m sure you do care, but if you want to tell yourself you don’t, go right ahead.”
            Mia giggled and I gave her another nasty look.
            “Just ignore him, Cass,” she said.


Foto Frenzy Friday

Bluebonnets! The official state flower of Texas! I took these the Friday we got out early for midterms, which was the day before my boyfriend asked me out. :D
Oh, yeah, I have a boyfriend, his name is Josh. He's in my forensics and law enforcement class. <3
Happy Good Friday!


Character Thursdays - Seth Edwards

Oh, yes, it's Seth Edwards. *rolls eyes* I'll admit, I like him a lot more than when I first met him. Truth is, he actually started out a serial killer.
Yes, you read that right.
Serial killer.
Then, he kind of morphed into the serial killer's brother and the serial killer became Trevor. This is in book seven of The Assassin Saga, this Trevor dude. So, yes, you will be seeing a return of Seth Edwards in this series, if you like him.
Anyways, I realized that Seth couldn't be Trevor's brother and not know that Trevor is a serial killer, and, I need to stop.
I''m only telling you all of this about book seven in hopes that y'all will forget it all by the time I get to book seven.
Anyways, so I un-brothered Trevor and Seth and Seth became a friend of Cassie's. Then, during one of my many, many re-writes of The Assassin, lo and behold (did I really just use that term?) Seth popped up in the scene.
Was I upset? Not really, he made a wonderful entrance (see this past weekend's Short Snippet Saturday to read that entrance), and with an entrance like that, how could I get rid of him? He also helped expose a side of Cassie that I'd never seen, and I liked it. In fact, HarperCollins liked it too, so that's always a plus, right?
So, Seth is your typical bad boy that's secretly good. He's a smooth talker and knows exactly how to get what he wants when it comes to girls.
Except for Cassie.
When Cassie and Seth first meet, Cassie has little to no experience with boys. So, when Seth comes along and takes interest in her, she basically shuts him down because she doesn't know what else to do. Over the series, Cassie and Seth go through a lot, and even though I grumble about him because I like another character more than him, I really do love Seth in his own special way and the funny stuff he brings to the story.

love, lala


New Music Tuesday - Enjoy the Ride

New Music Tueday! Today's new music is Enjoy the Ride, the second album by country duo, Sugarland. This was their first album as a duo. They originally started out as a trio, and were a trio on their debut ablum, Twice the Speed of Life, but then Kristen Hall dropped out, leaving Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles. This album is my favorite from them, before they got too big.

  1. Settlin 2nd single, number one
  2. County Line
  3. Want To 1st single, number one
  4. Everyday America 3rd single, top ten
  5. Happy Ending
  6. These are the Days
  7. One Blue Sky
  8. April Showers
  9. Mean Girls
  10. Stay 4th single, top five
  11. Sugarland


Short Snippet Saturday

Short Snippet time! Today's is another one from The Assassin, and, this is a scene I hold very dear to my heart. It's the introduction of a certain character. Hope you enjoy!

I looked up when Lorraine Benson walked in. She sat down in front of me, blocking the board. Lorraine more or less ran the school. Her dad was a high ranking defense attorney, and she established herself in the school by that. Her dad had all the wealth and money. And she had all the things that every girl wanted: the clothes, the boys, and the popularity.
            But, I couldn’t stand her, and I didn’t want everything she had. Back when I’d moved to New York in sixth grade, Lorraine had been the first person to let everyone else know that just because I was the new kid didn’t mean I was someone worth fretting over. And, because she had everyone wrapped around her finger, the grade deserted me to listen to her, and Mia was the one person who’d been left, and now, she was my best friend.
            “Oh, Cassie, can you pass this to Jake back there?” Lorraine asked. She placed an envelope on my desk. It was pink, and had the word “Jake” written on it in glitter. I almost felt sorry for Jake.
            “Sure,” I said. I turned around to hand it to him. Based on the heart stickers, I’d assume Lorraine was saying she wanted to make up with him. It was only common knowledge that they broke up every week.
            I placed it on his desk and turned back around. Then it hit me. I spun back around to see a guy sitting there. “Yeah, um, I’m not Jake,” he said.
            “No, I hadn’t figured that out.” I picked up the envelope and dropped it on Lorraine’s lap. “He’s not here right now, so you’ll have to wait.”
            “What do you mean he’s not-” She stopped when she saw the boy sitting in Jake’s seat. Good, I wasn’t the only one who noticed. “Hi there, I’m Lorraine,” she said with her thousand-watt smile.
            She reached across my desk and held her hand out. “Hi,” he said, taking her hand. “Seth.” He let go of her hand and discretely wiped his hand on his jeans.
            I bit my lip to hold back the laugh. “And, who are you?” he asked, leaning forward in the desk.
            “Alright, class, today we’re going to learn about participles,” Mrs. Hinkley said as she walked into the room.
            “I’ll talk to you later, Toots,” Seth said.
            “Miss Dreandry, please, pay attention.” I swung around to see her at the board. “Whatever you could possibly be talking about can wait until the end of class.”
            “Yes, ma’am.”
            “Oh, excuse me. Class, I forgot to tell you, we have a new student today. His name is Seth. Mr. Edwards, will you please come to the front of the class and introduce yourself?”
            He slid out of his seat and walked up to the front of the class. He stood there, scanned the classroom for a moment before he began. “Hey, I’m Seth. Um, just moved up here from Texas with my sister who’s doing a Broadway show. I’m hoping to be here a while, and Toots is totally checking me out over there,” he said, turning to me and winking. “And, that’s about it.”
            He walked past me, but I just stood there, staring at the spot he’d just been standing in. Me? I was not checking him out. Was I? I couldn’t be. There was no way.
            And did he really just call me Toots? I mean, he’d said so before, but up in front of the class? Wasn’t that just a little mean?
            Mrs. Hinkley just stood off to the side, just as speechless as I was, though I didn’t see why. I mean, some boy hadn’t just called her out for checking him out in front of the class. Some boy she’d known for five minutes, none the less.
            After a moment of awkwardness, with kids shuffling papers, and one sharpening his pencil, Mrs. Hinkley finally walked back to the middle of the classroom. “Thank you, Mr. Edwards, for your introduction,” she said. “Anyways, class…”
            I missed most of the lesson; I was still trying to figure out what he meant. He’d really just called me out like that? Why?
            As she wrote the assignment on the board, I turned around and looked at him. “What was that for?” I asked.
            “What?” he asked, with an ultra na├»ve look on his face.
            “You know exactly what I’m talking about,” I said. “Why?” I asked. “Do you always go around to new schools and embarrass girls on the first day?”
            “Oh, did I embarrass you? I’m sorry.” He grinned, clearly enjoying this. “And, not all of them, just the feisty ones.” 


Foto Frenzy Friday: The Puppy Dogs

Last weekend at my brother's soccer game, a family on the team brought their adorable, six-week old twin puppies. There's a girl and a boy. The girl is Bailey and the boy is Buddy. Aren't they just the cutest things ever? You could hold them in one arm, they were too precious! 


Writing Time Thursdays: Outlines

So, last week, I did a "Character Thursday." The Thursdays I'm not writing a Character Thursday, I'll do a post on writing. It could be writer's block, outlines (today's topic), stereotypes, or anything I can think of that pertains to writing. Sound like a plan?

Today's topic is outlines. Do you make them? And if so, how do you use them? Or are you one to just start writing and let the story take you where you go?
Having done both, here's a little of my opinion.
Pros: It's nice to know exactly where your story is going. When I wrote Snatched, I used an outline because it was for NaNoWriMo. I didn't finish in November, and ended up writing 34,000 during my Christmas break. It was nice to not have to worry about what would happen if I had writer's block, because I could just pull out my little outline and wah-lah! There was my solution. The only problem is that half way through my November run, I lost my outline and had to make a new one, and it wasn't nearly as good as the first one. And guess what. In January, as I was cleaning my stuff out for finals, I found the first, but better, outline. AFTER I had finished the book.
Cons: Why should I be limited to the outline? Last week I started an outline for The Assassin. In this outline, the infamous Seth Edwards was supposed to be introduced in the fifth chapter, but I guess Seth didn't like it because I'm working on chapter two, and Seth had waltzed on into my story just a little too soon. Stories don't always work with your outline and when they don't, it's pretty damn frustrating. Also, sometimes, it's hard to know where the story is going until you get to that point. I've tried to outline Super Ordinary several times now, to no avail, because I don't know where the story is going. The only planning I've done on it is on my handy-dandy white board up in my bedroom (see pictures). The book has kind of been shelved for The Assassin, but, I'm working on it, little by little.
So, there are ups and downs to the world of outlining, and I guess it really just depends on the situation and the story.
Feel free to let me know what y'all think of outlines!

love, Lala


New Music Tuesday

This week is the newest (but only for a little while!) album from the lovely Miranda Lambert. :D So, I have to say, I have been a fan of Miss Miranda's since the very beginning with "Me and Charlie Talking." Looking back, I was in fifth grade when that song came out. Jeez! This album came out two years ago, and the singles off this album have really put Miranda on a new map in the music world.

  1. White Liar - 2nd single, top ten hit 
  2. Only Prettier - 4rd single, top twenty
  3. Dead Flowers - 1st single, top forty
  4. Me and Your Cigarettes
  5. Maintain the Pain
  6. Airstream Song
  7. Makin' Plans
  8. Time to Get a Gun
  9. Somewhere Trouble Don't Go
  10. The House That Built Me - 3rd single, number one
  11. Love Song
  12. Heart Like Mine - current single, top ten
  13. Sin for a Sin
  14. That's The Way That the World Goes 'Round
  15. Virgina Bluebell 


Short Snippet Saturday

Part of this is a repeat, but here's part of Chapter Two from The Assassin.

The next morning, my best friend, Mia, was waiting for me outside of my apartment. “Bye, Dad,” I said as I walked to the hall to meet her. She was standing there, frantic about her hair. It was light blonde, almost white. Mia always debated with herself on whether to wear her hair down or up.
            “Hey,” I said. I slung my backpack over my shoulder and headed for the elevator. I lived on the twelfth floor, so the stairs were a bit much in the morning.
            “Did you hear about that murder last night?” she asked. Murders in New York weren’t big news, but Mia was fascinated by them, and I could see her becoming a lawyer, or a police officer.
            “Mia,” I said as I stepped into the elevator. “Murders happen on a regular basis.”
            “But, this one was in the building next to mine!” she cried.
            That was true, it was. I should have known better than anyone else. That murder would forever have a bad memory in my mind. Someone had beaten me to the job.
            Killing wasn’t something I was proud of; I didn’t take joy in it. It was sick, but something made me do it. As long as I could remember, I’d been the Assassin. It had all started as a big misunderstanding, but, before I knew it, it was too late to just quit.
            “Cassie, are you even listening to me?” Mia asked. “Cassie Dreandry, are you there?” No doubt she was mad that I’d zoned off, but that murder had just bugged me. Why would someone else be there to kill him?
            “What?” I asked. I tried to hide my annoyance.
            “If that man was killed in the building next to mine, it could mean my building is next. What if I’m next?”
            “Mia, I’m sure you won’t be next,” I said. I was going to kill my best friend; that would just be stupid. Sure, she was being annoying, but she was still my best friend.
            We stepped out into the lobby and into the crazy New York morning. People were running down the street, trying to catch cabs. Some were riding bikes, and some opted to walk. Mia and I were the ones that walked; it was about half a mile to our school.
            We ducked against the cold, winter wind that lingered from the river just in front of my building. “That’s it. When we get to school, I am putting my hair up. It’s got to be a disaster now.”
            I managed to stop myself from rolling my eyes at her. “I saw that, Cassie,” she said. “You think hair is so unimportant, just throw it up in a pony tail and leave it at that, but you should invest more time in your hair. It’s too pretty to wear up all the time. It’s that pretty color, a strawberry blonde. I mean, you’ve got blonde hair, and brown, and red. You’ve got all the colors, and you just insist on wearing it up all the time. Why?”
            This time, I let the eye roll slip. She would just never understand that it was easier to keep it up and out of the way.
            “I saw that,” she said.
            “You were supposed to.” We crossed the street, dodging taxis and cyclists. I looked over my shoulder one last time as a precaution and stopped. There was a man, hiding out in front of the local bakery. He seemed closed to the world, but for some reason I remembered him.
            He saw me looking at him, and suddenly he was walking towards us.
            “Mia, let’s go,” I said.  I grabbed her arm and started pacing down the street, forcing myself not to turn around and look at the man. He already knew that I’d seen him, that much was obvious. If I stopped to look at him again, he’d catch us, in fact, he could have already been closing in on us now.
            “Cassie, why is that man following us? And why are we running from him?” Mia asked. There was no doubt in my mind that if something bad happened to me, she’d meet a similar fate.
            “I don’t know, but you know, it’s New York, and with a face like that, we’d be better off staying away from him, right?” I said in an attempt to make a joke out of the situation.
            “Cassie, that’s not funny. That man could be a stalker, or a rapist, or even worse. What if he’s a murderer?”
            That man was a murderer.
            He was the murderer that had been there, last night, at my murder scene. He’d stolen my victim.
            “Cassie, why did you stop? If we’re running from him-”
            I grabbed her hand and darted down the street, running into people talking on their phones and spilling their coffee.
            We finally made it to the school where I knew we’d be safe. At least until school got out later in the day, but I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to worry about him being there. If he was like anyone else, he’d get tired of waiting it out.
            But, if he wasn’t like anyone else, then I’d be in a lot of trouble once school let out.
            Mia went off to her first class and I sat down on the bench to try and figure out what had just happened. There was no way that man knew me, he hadn’t even seen me last night. It had to just be a coincidence, even if the feeling in my gut said otherwise.
            If it had been merely a coincidence, what was I supposed to do now? Just act like I didn’t know anything? That wouldn’t work though. He had to have seen the panic on my face. The recognition on it.  He had to know that I had been there the night before. Why else would he follow me to school?
            I looked out of the front doors at school to see him walking around the front. He had balding blond hair, combed back to make it seem like he wasn’t bald, just thinning. He was in dark jeans and a denim jacket. He had his hands shoved in his pocket and he was walking back and forth, looking like he was debating the idea of going inside to find me. He couldn’t be more than a few inches taller than I was, but I couldn’t be sure unless I stood right next to him.
            Breathe, breathe, breathe, I told myself. But, the simple act seemed impossible while that man stood out there.
            I forced myself to take a deep breath and stood up. I grabbed my backpack and headed down the hallway to English. I sat down in my seat and waited for class to begin.


Foto Frenzy Friday

That's the tree in my front yard. One day (one cloudy, rainy day), I walked outside, stood under the tree and took a picture.

Boring story, right?


Character Thursdays: Cassie Dreandry

Another new segment today! See, aren't I just full of these? Every (other) Thursday, I'm going to do a little bio on a character from one of my books. You'll just have to wait and see what I do on those *other* Thursdays.
So, for my first character Thursday, I'm going to do the character I've been with the longest, Cassie Dreandry, my little assassin (Oh, that sounds a bit strange).
So, here I go.
Name: Cassandra Marie Dreandry (legal name, her birth name is-well, let's not get into that yet.)
Age: 14 (In the first Assassin book, that is).
Family: Errr.... where to start? Joe, her adoptive dad, and his girlfriend, Beth, I guess would be a good place to start.
Books: The Assassin Saga, all freaking TEN books. Plus, she'd made a few camoes in books that will probably *never ever* see the light of day, and for good reason.
Story: Well, Cassie has been around with me the *longest* time out of any, and for good reason. I first came up with her story in 8th grade. (Reminder: I'm a junior now.) So, that's almost four full years of my short life with an imaginary character.She's sarcastic, a bit of a smart ass, and she doesn't take crap from anyone. She's got strawberry blonde hair, like myself, and blue eyes. Originally, she went through five different hair color changes, so I just made her look like me because then I'd remember what color her hair was. See, that simple! Cassie and I have gone through a lot, more than I can describe on this blog post.

I know, this isn't the greatest post, but give me time, they'll get better. I promise!

love, Lala


New Music Tuesday

This is a different type of post today. Sunday was the 46th annual Academy of Country Music awards. I missed most of it because of choir practice, but I did catch the last 40 minutes, plus, I've heard some clips.

So, first off,

the hosts:

Reba McEntire and Blake Shelton. These guys are hilarious together. Both have natural humor and they play off of each other so well. They should host all of the awards shows together.


I only saw three, really. I saw Sara Evans' "A Little Bit Stronger" on youtube last night. Oh, she's still got it!
Reba performed "When Love Gets a Hold of You" which really surprised me. Her current single is "If I Were a Boy" and it's doing really well (Yes, it's a pop cover from Beyonce, I think). I also saw the Zac Brown Band perform, and Zac Brown started off flat, but he recovered quite nicely.


MIRANDA WON FEMALE VOCALIST!!! (I wish she would have won Entertainer of the Year too, but.... Taylor won that.) Okay, I knew Brad would win Male vocalist, that's practically a given. I loved Charles Kelley's quip to Miranda. "Thank you, Miranda Lambert, for winning this last year and not being in the category this year." I loved that moment. But, my favorite moment was when Miranda told Robert Pattinson how to say "hey y'all." That was so worth having him on the show for.
Overall, from what I saw, I think this year was a great show!

love, Lala


Super Short Snippet Saturday

Because I only started this yesterday morning during forensics and I was gone all day today, this is going to be *super* short snippet Saturday.
Opening to chapter two! Wahoo!

The next morning, my best friend, Mia, was waiting for me outside of my apartment. “Bye, Dad,” I said as I walked to the hall to meet her. She was standing there, frantic about her hair. It was light blonde, almost white. Mia always debated with herself on whether to wear her hair down or up.
            “Hey,” I said. I slung my backpack over my shoulder and headed for the elevator. I lived on the twelfth floor, so the stairs were a bit much in the morning.
            “Did you hear about that murder last night?” she asked. Murders in New York weren’t big news, but Mia was fascinated by them, and I could see her becoming a lawyer, or a police officer.
            “Mia,” I said as I stepped into the elevator. “Murders happen on a regular basis.”
            “But, this one was in the building next to mine!” she cried.
            That was true, it was. I should have known better than anyone else. That murder would forever have a bad memory in my mind. Someone had beaten me to the job.
            Killing wasn’t something I was proud of; I didn’t take joy in it. It was sick, but something made me do it. As long as I could remember, I’d been the Assassin. It had all started as a big misunderstanding, but, before I knew it, it was too late to just quit.
            “Cassie, are you even listening to me?” Mia asked. “Cassie Dreandry, are you there?” No doubt she was mad that I’d zoned off, but that murder had just bugged me. Why would someone else be there to kill him?

See?!?! I told you it was short....
Super short.


Foto Frenzy Friday

New segment here at Lala Land, Foto Frenzy Friday. Yes, I know I spelled that wrong, but it's more fun that way, right? Every Friday, I'll show y'all a new picture, totally random, and tell you the story behind it and why I took it.
First up....
The line of leaf bags.....

Over Spring Break, we went to my grandparents' house, and for some strange reason, the leaves on their trees fall in the spring. So, my aunts spent all of spring break raking the leaves and stuck them in bags and lined them up on the street.
I don't know why, but I just had to get a picture, or two.

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