Short Snippet Saturday #6

Wow, up to six already? Crazy. Anyways, this is another one from Super Ordinary. The end of chapter two, right where last week ended. If you want to read the beginning of chapter two, click here.
Let me know what you guys think! Enjoy!

He must have jumped ten feet. “Shit, didn’t you ever hear of knocking?”
            “Well, excuse me, what fun is that?” I asked. “Who you yelling at?” I asked, noticing that there was no one there besides him.
            “What?” He shook his head. “No one.”
            “Uh, you were most certainly yelling at someone. Yourself?”
            “Is it any of your business?” he asked.
            Ouch. Talk about touchy.
            “Sorry,” I said, waving my hands up in mock surrender.            
            “What do you want anyways?” he asked. He was standing in the middle of the room. It was hard to imagine anyone living there. It was too tidy, especially for a teenage boy, which was what I was guess cranky boy was.
            “Just curious as to what your superhero is? Since you live in a superhero community.”
            “Does that just automatically mean I have to have superpowers?” he asked.
            “Woah, sorry!” I cried. “I just thought that-”
            “You just thought that I’d have superpowers because I live here. And yeah, I do. Super strength.”
            Really?  I could actually picture him with super strength. He was built big, but at a height of five foot one, I considered everyone big.
            He had wide shoulders, but not wide to where he was bulky. I could totally picture him ramming a wall down.
            “Super strength? That’s pretty cool.”
            “Yeah, cool enough to get me in this place. I swear, someday I’m busting out of this place.”
            “Love it here that much, huh?”
            “Trust me, if you came from where I did, you’d hate it here too.”
            “Uh, try me. I’ve lived on the streets for the past year, almost year and a half. I’ve got no one and nothing except for the clothes on my back.”
            That’s what I thought. He started to pick up his stuff, I guess in an attempt to make his place look nice for me. He tossed a book onto the desk across from his bed.
            “Do you want to sit down or something?” he asked.
            It was almost unnerving how fast he’d gone from being mad as hell to an awkward host.
            “No, I’m fine. This is all just weird. I mean superheroes? You guys are supposed to be an urban legend or something like that.”
            “Yeah, sorry to disappoint you.” He shoved the chair into the desk and a book fell off. “Damn,” he whispered.
            I laughed. “You seem to have an abundant supply of four letter words there, huh?”
            He just glared at me, probably wishing I was a boy so he could beat me up for my smart ass comment. “Maybe,” he said, the glare replaced with a shy grin.
            I laughed. “You’re a funny one, you know that?”
            “Thanks. You’ve got some good lines up your sleeve too.”
            I smiled. “Short funny girl at your service.”
            “Do you want something to drink?” He opened his refrigerator.
            “I’ll have some water, I guess.”
            He pulled out a bottle and handed it to me. “So, why were you in that closet?” he asked.
            “Why does everyone keep asking me that?” I cried. It was annoying. It was none of their business what I was doing in a closet.
            In all honesty, it wasn’t the fact that it wasn’t their business, it was the fact I was embarrassed about being caught there. Those guys had made a fool out of me and I didn’t want to admit it. I had an ego to keep up.
            “Woah, sorry,” he said.
            “Whatever.” I turned around to walk out. “Later,” I said, walking out the door.
            “Hey, wait!” he called.
            I turned around. “What?”
            He leaned against his door. “I’m Rob.”
            I stood there, totally stunned for a moment. “What?”
            “My name…. My name is Rob,” he said.
            “Oh, yeah, right. Sorry. I’m Lani.”
            “Lani, huh? That’s not a name you here often.”
            I felt the anger begin to build up. The resentment against my mother for giving me a name from a superhero story began to bubble up. “You got a problem with that?” I asked, fists clenched up in balls.
            “What? No. I think it’s kind of….”
            “Kind of what?”
            “Well, kind of cute.”
            My heart did a little flip flop in my chest. Cute? He thought my name was cute? “Uh, thanks,” I said, trying not to show just how excited I was by the comment. I mean, no one had ever thought my name was cute. Or that I was cute.
            He shrugged, like it was no big deal. It might not have been for him, but it was for me.
            “So….” I said. The only people I ever talked to were people I was planning to rob, or…. Rob.
            I’d never look at it the same way again. Never.
            Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t in love with the guy, not by a long shot, he was cranky and yelled at people who didn’t exist, but he’d made an impression on me.
            And it wasn’t really a bad one.
            “I probably ought to go,” I said. I turned around, walking away.
            I almost dared him to say something, but all he said was “okay, I’ll see ya’ later.”
            I sighed. Really? That’s all he could do? Wow…. Another typical guy.
            I went back down to the first floor and walked around. Besides cranky boy and Will, I didn’t really know anyone. I wasn’t one to make friends, everyone here was an enemy to me. Everyone had the ability of being my worst nightmare. It was only a matter of time before they’d figure out that I was involved in the robbery.
            Then I’d really be in trouble. I mean, I was in a building with a bunch of superheroes. And I was just… well…
            Super ordinary.
            “Lani!” I turned around to see Will running towards me. He probably would have just flown if it was anyone else.
            “Yeah?” I asked.
            “I was wondering if you wanted to see where you’re sleeping tonight. It’s way up on the third floor, but there’s only one other person living on the third floor-”
            “Oh, yeah. So you’ve met him?”
            “Yeah, he was the one who found me in the closet. And the one who brought me to your room.”
            “Yeah, well, try to avoid him. He’s strange. Doesn’t really talk to anyone. If you’ve got any questions, just ask me. Okay?” he asked.
            If I’d known any better, I was pretty sure he was trying to flirt with me, but I couldn’t be positive. “Sure,” I said softly. What else was I supposed to say? “Why do you think Rob is strange?” I asked.
            His face twisted up and I instantly regretted asking him. “He’s a loner. He hates everyone, has a real temper problem too. Stay away from him.”
            “Uh, okay….”
            “Sides, he’s a looser, you won’t have any fun with him. I’ll take you up to your room and make sure he doesn’t try to hurt you.” He draped an arm around my shoulder and I felt myself start to panic.
            He turned me around to direct me back upstairs. We went up to the third floor and walked past Rob’s room. He saw us through the window, and looked….well…
            I don’t know what it was, but something made me want to go in there and comfort him.
            I rolled my eyes at him asking him who Will thought he was…. But he didn’t get the message.
            Instead he stalked off out of the view of the window.
            Will lead me to the door next to Rob’s. He unlocked the door and almost shoved me in, “This will be your room. You’ve got basically everything you could possibly need, except for me, but I’m just two floors down. I’ll give you some time to get settled. Later.” He winked on his way out, and I fought every urge to shiver in disgust.
            He closed the door and I was left in utter silence. I didn’t know what to do. Most people would probably unpack their stuff, but I didn’t have anything. Except for the water bottle Rob had given me.
            I sat down on the bed cautiously. I hated beds. I hadn’t slept in one in over a year. They were pointless.
            What was I going to do? There was a TV across from the bed so I turned it on. It was the news, talking about the robbery at the government building.
            They had plastered the pictures of all the guys involved, they’d been identified through finger prints and photo recognition.
            No mention of me. They probably just thought I was a by-stander, and a victim. If the superheroes really did work for the leaders, they’d have told them about me and there’d be no reason to look for me. 
            So, maybe I was safe. At least for now. But, if they caught the guys, they’d rat me out and the leaders would know exactly where to pick up their last little criminal. She was sitting right in their lap.
            I had to get out.
            I couldn’t afford to stay there any longer. I just couldn’t.
            I turned around, walked to the door and yanked it open.
            I marched over and didn’t bother with knocking. “How do I get out of here?” I asked as I shoved his door open.
            “What?” he asked. “And you know, most people would knock on the door.”
            “That’s not the point. The point is I’m getting out of here. You can either help me and escape, or not and stay here the rest of your life.”
            “You’re crazy, you know that?”


A Little Bit Stronger

Where to start?
As I look back now, I'm wondering, where can I start?
I guess I ought to start with the confusion. It happened so fast. The crashing down, the arguments, the accusations, the begging for forgiveness, the honeymoon phase, and the crashing down again. The truth is, I expected the crashing down to happen a second time.
It was too good to be true.
I saw what you said, you attacked me, not just me but everyone. And yeah, I'm mad as hell about it, but the time for fighting is over. And mostly, I'm just sad. Sad it ended this way. So many things left unsaid. So many things that you will never know.
I don't blame you, it was bound to happen. Don't get mad, just realize that what we had at the time was fun, but not meant to last.
Because I don't exist to you anymore. You totally ignore me. You deleted me, unfollowed me, the whole nine yards. This is the only way I can ever hope that you know how I feel.
The truth is, I'm about to unfollow you. It's time for me to move on.
For good. And in a couple months, when you realize that we meant so much to you and you come crawling back to us, I just won't answer.
Because, by then, you won't exist to me. Two can play this game.

"And I'm done hoping we could work it out,
I'm done with how it feels, spinning my wheels,
letting you drag my heart around,
And I'm done hoping you could ever change,
I know my heart will never be the same, 
but I'm telling myself I'll be okay, 
even on my weakest days. 
I get a little bit stronger."

Those words have become my life now. Not just because of you, but because of everything. 


Short Snippet Saturday #5

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. I caught some undetermined illness this week and have been out of it. I've got a croaky voice and it's just a mess.
Today's Short snippet Saturday is where last week's left off. The opening of chapter two for Super Ordinary. This is after Lani is discovered in the closet.
Hope you enjoy!

When I woke up and saw the faces all staring at me, I knew it was going to be a bad day. I glared at the people, rolled around, and tried to go back to sleep.
“Watch her to make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid,” a man said.
I heard footsteps fade away into silence and I sat there, staring at the wall.
“I know you’re awake,” he said. It was the guy from the closet. The guy who’d thrown the box at me.
I rolled around and looked at him. “Your point?” I asked.
“My point is that acting like you’re asleep won’t do you any good. Everyone is watching you anyways.”
“That’s a little creepy,” I said.
“Well, guess what, you’re gonna have to get over it. You’ve got to get up.”
Jeez, who woke up on the wrong side of the bed?
I stuck my tongue out at him and closed my eyes in hopes of catching more sleep.
Before I knew it, I was on the ground, with my blanket in his hand. “What was that for?” I cried.
“Get up. He wants to talk to you.”
Uh, who was he?
When I laid there on the floor, determined not to get up, he simply yanked me by my arm and before I knew it I was standing up, next to him. “You don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, do ya?”
He didn’t answer me, obviously not taken by my humor. “Okay then,” I said under my breath.
“Don’t look at the people,” he said.
“What?” I asked. Don’t look at them? What else was I supposed to do?
“No one knows why you’re here, they aren’t supposed to, staring at them only makes it worse.”
“Whatever,” I said. “Who are you anyways? And why am I here?”
“You’ll find out in a moment.” He still had his hands gripping my arm, and it was starting to hurt.
“You can let go of my arm,” I said.
“You aren’t going to run?” he asked me, turning around to face me.
“Look, I have no idea who you are, where I am, or why! Running seems kind of pointless, don’t you think?”
He stood there for a moment, debating my point. “I suppose so,” he said. “Follow me.”
I followed him down the hallway and into a room at the end of the hallway. “You better not try anything funny,” he said before he opened the door.
The whole place was high, upscale. Like a office building, but out of the windows in the rooms, I could see that people slept and lived in them.
“Okay. Where am I exactly?” I asked.
He opened the door and ushered me in. “Here she is,” he said to the guy sitting behind the desk.
“Get out of here,” the guy said. I recognized the voice from the robbery. He’d been the guy ordering people around.
The door closed behind me and I felt a little panic attack come on. “Relax, I’m not going to do anything to you,” he assured me.
“Who are you?” I asked. “Who are you people?” I might have grown up, lost and confused, especially after my mom died, but I didn’t let the little things go unnoticed.
“Ah, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Will. And you would be?” he asked.
I picked up right away just what kind of guy he was. He had long blonde hair, and a golden tan. He reminded me of a California surfer, and but seemed strangely in place with nice blue jeans and a polo shirt.
“Lani,” I said. I wasn’t going to bother with my last name.
“Lani,” he said after a moment. “A pretty name for a pretty girl.”
“Flattery will get you no where,” I growled.
“Oh, she’s tough too!”
I rolled my eyes, trying to get my point across. “Okay, next question. Why am I here?”
“Well, I can’t really tell you that, Lani,” he said. “Yet,” he added when he saw my frown. “But, I can assure you that no one will hurt you while you’re here, or they’ll answer to me.”
“Oh, and what makes you so special?” I asked.
He stood up and walked across the room to look out the window down the hall. “Well, I guess you could say I’m in charge.”
“In charge of what?”
“The superheroes.”
He had to be kidding.

I totally did not believe this. Superheroes? Superheroes? After Will, that was his name, told me that they’d found me and were protecting me from whoever had locked me in the closet, he’d let me go.
Superheroes? This was crazy. They didn’t exist. They couldn’t. I’d even told Will that.
And then he flew. I mean, it wasn’t that impressive, since we were in a small office, but he flew. His feet off the ground and he flew. I was totally, completely flabbergasted.
There was no other way to describe it.
Which made me begin to wonder…. What was cranky boy’s super power? I’d attempted to ask Will, but he seemed uninterested in cranky boy. Instead he asked me questions like my name, where I was from, why I’d been tied in a closet. I’d lied about the part in the closet. There was no way I was letting a superhero know I’d been involved with the Adenalin stealing.
I could tell that he knew about the robbery. It was all over his face. I could tell, after he asked that question, that he was relieved to finally have it off his chest.
I had lied my ass off during his interrogation. What I was doing in the closet and who I was weren’t any of his business. I was much more interested in cranky boy.
Will had let me leave and I went straight back to where I was, looking for cranky boy. He had so explaining to do.
When I made it back to where I’d been, he was gone, but two younger teenage girls were sitting by my spot. “Have you seen the guy who was with me earlier?”
“What guy?” one of the girls asked.
“Tall, brown hair, seems to have an attitude problem.”
“Oh, Rob. No, he’s probably in his loft. But why do you care? No one talks to him. He’s weird….”
“Where’s his loft?” I asked. I had some questions for cranky boy, and I wasn’t going to let little Miss Priss stop me.
“Why do you want to know, anyways?”
I took a deep breath and counted to ten. I was not going to beat her up. I was not going to beat her up. “Just tell me where it is. I need to talk to him.”
“Get a life,” she said. “Do you just think you’re special because they found you in a government building sweep and decided to keep you? Get over yourself-”
Only she didn’t finish because I had her pinned to the floor. “Tell me where I can find Rob.”
“In his loft,” she said.
“Which is where?” I asked through gritted teeth. “Where is his loft?”
She pointed up behind me. “Third story,” she gasped for air. Couldn’t really blame her though, I mean, I did have her by the neck on the ground.
“Good.” I stood up. “Glad to know we understand one another now.”
I turned around, unsure how I was planning to get to the third floor, but there had to be away. And if not, Will couldn’t be the only superhero that could fly. I could get someone to fly me up there.
“Can I help you, miss?” Some guy with a thick accent from who knows where asked me.
“Yeah, how do I get up there?” I pointed to the third floor.
He laughed. He laughed at me. “Why you looking for Rob? He’s the only one who lives up there. No one wants to be around him.”
“Just tell me how to get up there,” I said, clearly not amused.
“There’s stairs up the hallway. Just keep going past the second floor.”
“Thanks.” I walked up the stairs to the third floor.
I found the single door and stopped. I knew if I knocked he wouldn’t answer. Best to just barge in.
“You idiot. You think you have a chance?” I could hear him telling, almost yelling, at someone. “You ought to know better. You don’t have a chance. He’ll just work his magic and it’ll be over like that!”
Wow, he was really worked up at someone. Maybe now would be the best time to enter. I pulled the door back. “So, superheroes, huh?”



Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope you guys like the new layout, I know I do. And don't to worry, in March, the mini me's from Evie will be back! But this weekend, I found this adorable kit from Creativity by Crystal and I knew I had to make a layout from it. It's called "Vintage Cupcake" and is it not just adorable?

Let me know what you think, and be sure to take a look at these kits!


Short Snippet Saturday #4

Short Snippet Saturday time! Once again, I've got a snippet from the first chapter of Super Ordinary. In the end of the first chapter, Lani and her buddies managed to steal the drug but her buddies conned her and ended up locking her in a closet as the took the Adenalin. Now a group of people are searching the building and Lani has to debate whether she wants to be saved and risk being caught trying to rob the government, or be left behind.

After moments of nothing, I finally gave up and slid to the floor. “How did this go so horribly wrong?”
            I leaned my head against the wall and started at the wall. It was too dark in the closet, just a small bit of light coming out from the bottom of the door. I imagined the wall to be white, probably cracked with age. The leaders didn’t take much time to make their buildings pretty, they were too busy making sure people couldn’t do anything to stop them.
            The war had changed everything. Both of my parents were dead from it, and I was living on the street, committing petty crimes to survive. The leaders had stolen all of my dad’s stuff before I could get it. Stuff that had value, not just monetary, but sentimental too.
            And some of that stuff could have helped me live. But no! The stupid leaders didn’t want anyone being able to live, except for their families. It was stupid.
            Everyone was calling the war a “world war” but I didn’t think it was. We weren’t fighting any other country. The world had become one country, sorta. It was more all these guys took over multiple countries and decided they wanted to rule together. And boom, the world was a country and everyone hated it.
            But could you blame people for hating the leaders when they stole everything that meant anything to people?
            They claimed it was to “distribute to those less fortunate” but no one believed that. They didn’t distribute to anyone.
            Except the superheroes. But no one even believed in the superheroes anymore. They hadn’t helped us when we needed it, they worked for the leaders.
            I sighed. I needed a way out of the closet. I couldn’t spend the night, it’d have disaster all over it. I had to get someone’s attention. The guards that had been knocked out during our attack? No, they’d ask too many questions that I didn’t have answers to. But the guards were the only ones that would be there. What was I going to do?
            I opened my mouth to yell again, but decided against it. I need to figure out my story before I got help.
            “Alright, let’s go. Check everywhere for evidence as to who might have stolen those vials. We don’t find them; the government will yank our chain. Make sure you look for any victims as well. We can’t leave anyone here.”  
            Great, a swat team. As if I wasn’t in enough trouble already.
            I slid further down to the ground. I was almost lying on my back, but my legs were tucked up. I was too tall for the closet.
            “This sucks,” I said to the ceiling that I couldn’t even see.
            Besides the orders that the guy had given, I hadn’t heard from the swat guys. They must have gone the other way.
            Good, I told myself. I didn’t want to be rescued by a swat team. They’d probably just lock me up in jail and kill me in some inhumane way.
            I shivered at the thought. I didn’t want to die, not yet anyways. Seventeen and dead. It just didn’t have any appeal to me.
            I didn’t want to be another victim; I wanted to be a survivor. I wanted to be the one that stumped the leaders.
            “Check every room, even if you think otherwise.” It was that guy again. The swat team guy.
            Just stay calm. They won’t find you. You’re better off being found by the guards. Better off being found by the guards…
            “What about in here?” another guy and he was closer.
            I heard a door open nearby. It must have been on the other side of the wall. I could hear chairs being flipped over, and maybe a table, but I couldn’t be sure.
            Then something hit the wall next to me and made me jump. The rope cut into my skin as my arms jerked. “Ow,” I moaned softly.
            “Nothing in there,” someone said.
            “Check in there,” the first guy said.
            “But, that’s probably just a closet,” a third guy. He didn’t sound too happy. “Why should we waste our time searching a closet?”
            “That’s it,” the first guy said. “Everyone else move on, you get to search the closet by yourself.”
            I sat straight up. Someone was going to find me. This was bad. I didn’t need them to find me.
            “Fine,” the unhappy guy said. He yanked the door open and light streamed in. I knew he wouldn’t see me behind the boxes. I had tucked my legs up to keep from being seen.
            “This is pointless, you know!” he yelled. “I don’t see what I’m going to find in a closet!”
            He stood there, hands on his hips. “Knowing my luck, I’ll find a stupid corpse.”
            How about a live one? I thought.
            I really hoped that he’d decided against his orders and just abandon the closet. Oh how I wanted him to.
            “Pointless. God, I hate him. Mr. Perfect,” he muttered. He had opened the box in the front and was looking through the stuff in it. “Yeah, a rusty, old, wooden box, don’t think that will help.” I saw him toss it in his hand, debating what to do with it.
            Don’t throw it, don’t throw it. Do not throw it.
            Too late.
            “Ow,” I cried when the box hit my head.
            I heard him gasp. He definitely hadn’t expected that. “Hello?” he asked after a moment. “Who’s in here?”
            I could almost picture this guy getting on guard. Probably reaching for his gun. Or something to beat me up with. “Whoever you are, stand up and show yourself..”
I ignored him. I reached up and rubbed the spot where I’d been hit. “You’ve got to learn how to throw,” I said.
            I threw the box at the wall.
            “Yeah. Nice to meet you too.”
Let me know what y'all think!

love, lala


The Teenage Murder Solicitor

The case of a Washington County teenager convicted of solicitation to commit first-degree murder in the death of her father is being documented for the television series, "Deadly Women."

Deputy State's Attorney Joseph Michael sat down Thursday with a production team from Beyond Productions of Sydney, Australia, to discuss the case of Danielle Black, who attempted to solicit someone to kill her father, Billy Lee Black, who was stabbed to death on  Halloween 2008. 

The segment is being produced for the Investigation Discovery channel, producer Jeremy Adair said.

The show will likely air in the second half of this year, said Adair, who was accompanied by cameraman Geoff Thomas and sound technician Jen Longhurst.

"It's a notorious case with a bizarre outcome ... the fact that you have a teenage girl who appears to have arranged the murder of her father," said Adair, who interviewed Billy Black's widow, Andrea Black, earlier in the day.

"We did check with the survivors and sought their approval before we participated in the project," Michael said before taping began.

Danielle Black, now 17, was convicted by a jury in July 2009 and sentenced to life with all but 10 years suspended.

The man who killed Billy Black, Alec Scott Eger, 21, entered an Alford plea in 2010 and was sentenced to life with all but 25 years suspended. 

An Alford plea means the accused does not admit guilt, but acknowledges the state had sufficient evidence to prove its case.

Eger was not the man Danielle Black approached to kill her father, according to court records. A clinical psychologist who testified at Eger's sentencing told the court that Eger believed he had to protect those he perceived as vulnerable, in this case Danielle Black.

Black had shown Eger bruises on her body, which Eger's attorney said at the sentencing might have been self-inflicted, and blamed the injuries on her father
So, on Twitter, Investigation Discovery tweeted me about this article. Have you picked up why I'm so excited? There's some stuff similar to Cassie Dreandry, the Assassin. Girls having their father murdered?
Maybe it's the future criminologist in me, but I'm totally excited for this. And I'm Googling "Danielle Black" right now. : )
So, I don't really expect comments on this, but I just wanted to share it! I think this is cool!

love, lala


Writer's Block

Today we're going to talk about writer's block!! I know, I know, writer's block isn't any fun. Trust me, I'm just getting out of a bad case of it. Today, we're going to talk about ways you can overcome writer's block. Now, remember, this is just some tips that I've learned over the years, they may or may not work for you.
1. We probably ought to cover the basics. When you're stuck with writer's block, you can't write. Think about putting the piece your working on away for a while and coming back to it. Let it sit on the back burner for a couple of days. 
2. Work on a different idea. It doesn't have to be a novel or anything long, it could be a simple short story, or an idea you've been bouncing around in your head. 
3. Look for inspiration: Inspiration can come from anything. If you read my intro post, you'll remember that I have this weird ability to look at rocks and start the story going. "What if a body was found, brutally attacked and shot, on this rock? What would the police do to find murderer? How would they know what happened that night? What made that rock the place the victim was killed?" Let your mind get carried away, even if you think it's stupid. 
4. Listen for inspiration: I'm serious. After I finished the first draft of Snatched, I went through a bout of "what's next?" I was desperate for an idea, any idea that I could take and write. Then it hit me. I was driving my sister to dance one night, listening to Taylor Swift, her little special Deluxe version of Speak Now, the one you can buy at Target (with the red cover). There's a song called "Superman." It came on the car stereo system and the little light bulb went off in my head. A story about superheroes! It didn't all come to me at once, but if it hadn't been for that song, I'd probably would have never come up with the idea for Super Ordinary, my new book. So, inspiration can come from anywhere, including Taylor Swift. 
So, writer's block can be fixed; you've just got to know where to look.
And, so, I'll leave you with my latest inspiration, "Superman."

love, lala


Short Snippet Sunday (#3)

Jeez, I'm so bad at this. Yesterday was a busy day yesterday. So, here's the short snippet Sunday for this week.
This one isn't from Snatched, it's from Super Ordinary. This is part of the first chapter. Enjoy!

“Alright, are you guys ready to do this?” I asked before pulling my mask on over my head.
            They all nodded in agreement. “Felix, you’re in charge of cutting the security line on the cameras. Eli, distract the guards, Jett, you’ll be watching to make sure no one comes in during the robbery, and Aero, you’ll be waiting in the car for us to make our getaway.”
            “Yeah, what makes you think you’re so special you get to steal the vials?” Aero asked.
            “Because I came up with the idea,” I snapped. “Got a problem with it?”
            He didn’t respond, but instead looked around at the other guys, hoping for help. Not that it mattered. I was going to be the one with vials in my hand, and I’d be the one making money off the ransom. Without them.
            “Let’s go,” I said. I stood up and scanned the street, no police. Not that it would matter, I’d been doing stuff like this for a year, and the police wouldn’t stop me.
            Besides, in the middle of a war, why would they bother worrying about a seventeen year-old girl? The only reason they’d be suspicious of me was the four big guys sitting at my feet.
            The four men followed me. “Places guys.” I went and hid behind the side of the building to wait.
            I tried to focus on the positive. After I stole the vials, I’d be able to live again. I wouldn’t have to worry about freezing at night, or going hungry. I’d be able to ransom it off for millions of dollars, and never have to worry about anything again. After a year of living on the streets as an orphan and a thief, I was ready for a new tune to dance to.
            Of course, once these guys realized that I’d be ditching them and cutting them out of the ransom deal, I’d have to worry about them, but I’d leave that for another time.
            My mind was racing down different thoughts, scattered and nervous. This was a robbery unlike any other. Most of the world didn’t even know what Adenalin was, let alone how deadly it would be if the vials broke.
            Adenalin was the secret weapon of the leaders. They knew if things got really bad in the war, all they’d have to do was install little vials in major buildings across the world and people would drop like a potato.
            And I was going to see how much they’d pay to keep it all a secret.
            “We’re ready de Louise,” Felix said in his thick accent across the walkie-talkie.
            “Got it,” I said, trying not to shutter at my last name, it was not the time to think about stupid superheroes.
            I slipped into the building without anyone noticing. “Eli, you good?” I asked.
            “Yeah, go,” he said.
            I walked down the long hallway to the door. “This is it,” I whispered.
            Right beyond these doors was the vials. The vials of Adenalin.
            I took a moment to calm down. This wasn’t anything too horrible. It wouldn’t go wrong. Before anyone even knew that the vials were gone, or before the boys realized I’d conned them, I’d be gone, waiting for someone to figure out I was waiting.
            Jett walked up next to me. “Here’s the key,” he said. “You’ve got five minutes to break the safe open, get the vial, and walk out of this door before the security goes off and let’s the big man know we’ve been here.”
            “Got it,” I said, taking the key from him.
            “Nervous?” he asked.
            “Please, I’ve been robbing these guys for a year. This is a piece of cake,” I said.
            I slid the card into the key pad and watched the door open. “Show time.”
            The room was almost made of complete steel. The walls were, and the floor was sleek steel. Probably so no one can break out, I thought.
            I turned when I heard the door close. I quickly went back into focus. The walls were tall. Almost too tall. I needed a way out of here before my five minutes were up.
            Then I saw it. The little window at the top of the dome: my way out.
            I pulled out a knife from my bag and went to go to the safe, surrounded by a wall of glass.
            I figured it’d just be easier to take the safe, to keep the vials safe, but the safe would be too hard to carry. I’d have to risk breaking the vials if I was going to get away with them.
            I leaned my knife against the glass wall and listened to the glass start to crack. I gave the wall a kick as it crumbled to the floor. Noise wasn’t important anymore, not yet, anyways. They would be expecting me to break all the glass.
            I stepped over the bits of shattered glass and looked at the safe. I pulled the paper out of my pocket that had the combination. I’d stolen it a week ago when I heard two government employees talking about it, and it had sent my plan into action.
            I turned the dial and watched the little door spring open. I slid my hand into the safe and pulled out ten little vials made of steel, marked “Dangerous” in bold, black letters.
            I stared at them for a moment. Vials made of steel? They must be really paranoid to bottle the Adenalin in steel vials.
            I dropped the vials into my bag, one by one.
            “A minute left,” Jett said.
            I didn’t respond, but took the rope out of my bag. I walked to the middle of the room and swung the rope up to the flag pole that was on the wall. It was extremely high up, but close enough to the window that I could get creative to escape.
            I pulled myself up and began to climb. “Fifteen seconds.”
            I was halfway up the rope when the alarm went off. “Shit,” I muttered.
            “de Louise, get out of there,” Jett cried as the doors opened. He stopped when he saw what I was doing. “Hey!”
            I pulled myself up again, only a few more feet until I was at the pole, “Stop, stop right now!” he called.  
            “Stop me!” I hissed.
            I heard footsteps coming down the hall. “Where is she?” Felix cried.
            “Trying to escape,” Jett answered.
            I reached up, my hand about to wrap around the pole, when the pole shattered and I fell to the ground. “Uh.”


love, lala


Super Ordinary

Lani de Louise is sick of superheroes. Before her mother died, she was fascinated by them. A year after her mother’s death, Lani can’t escape the rumors of a secret superhero society that can save a war-stricken world. 
When she wakes up, totally unaware of where she is, she’s only more shocked to find that she’s ended up at the home of this secret society. The rules soon become clear. A dark secret has almost shattered the superheroes in two and saving the world is the only thing keeping them together. Will, the leader, has his eyes set on Lani.
Until he goes missing.
The superheroes elect Rob, the group misfit, to go out and find him, in hopes that Will will be able to save the world, once Rob saves him. Lani begs Rob to take her with him, in hopes to escape, and possibly grow closer to the mysterious boy who seems so against the world. 
As the war rages on, Rob and Lani must travel across the world in hopes of finding Will and saving the world before it’s too late.

So, I can already tell you that I've written a teaser and the opening sentence. The first chapter will be big, and I'm thinking I might end up writing all of it tonight. 
If I do, I'll be sure to post it up on here for y'all to read!
By the way, this was the idea that won the poll over there ----->
Let me know what you guys think!

love, lala


Snow Day

Snow Day! Actually, it should more accurately be called "sleet day" but I'm not whining.

The front yard, looking in from the porch. Then the wind hit. BRR!
 My neighbor's car, covered in ice and snow.

 The other way out, down the street.
 Little footprints!
 More little footprints!
 The backyard.
 The driveway.
The dog's water bowl. Hope you don't need it anytime soon, Aggie!

I hope everyone stays warm and safe during the snow storm! 

love, lala

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