what a mess

Sorry for the lack of posts guys, my job has kept me busy at doing nothing.

Yeah, I worked 16 hours this week as a greeter. Aka- the most boring job ever. The least they could do is give me a book or some paper to write with. 

Oh well. 

I've got bigger things to worry about...

Like, how my book is such a big mess right now. I kind of changed paths halfway through and now, I'm not sure what's going on. 

You know what I'm talking about? 

But, there's been so many changes in this draft, hopefully for the better, from the last draft. In fact, the last full, finished draft was the one Harper Collins read. 


*facepalm* I haven't finished a single draft of anything this year. I've been so scattered brained this year. 

But, the year is almost over, and despite the fact I get to kick off 2012 with "Hi, welcome to Main Event," I have a feeling this next year could be a good one. 

I mean, this one has been such a lackluster one, it's time for a good one again, right? 


(this is where you all nod and say "yes.")

This next year will be a good one. I've got so much to look forward to, it has to be. 
Anyways, if you're bored, go follow me on bloglovin' please? I've got two followers....

  Follow pens & a camera lens

Adios amigos.


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