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First, thank you so so much to the lovely Christa, who gave me this beautiful design. I love it. It's gorgeous.
Second off, here's the teaser for Skewed Rescue! Enjoy!

“Miss, did you know that that man is following you?” The young girl, with her thick brown hair and even thicker accent pulled at my shirt.
            In a way, she reminded me of myself, back when I was a little innocent girl, living on the streets of D.C., a violent place for a child of seven to live, but that had been my life.
            When she pointed off to the distance I didn’t need to know who the man was following me. All I thought was, took you long enough. “Yes, I’m well aware of the fact, but thank you,” I said.
            The little girl looked at me with those sad eyes, and I felt my heart tug. I pulled out a few Euros from my pocket and handed them to her. “Don’t tell anyone where you got these from, understand?” I asked, leaning down so I looked her in the eyes.
            “Yes, yes, miss, I won’t.” Northern Ireland was full of desperate people who’d hurt the little girl when they found out she had the Euros.
            “Alright, go along,” I said, waving her on her way. She disappeared into the throng of people visiting the village market.
            The desire to look back to see who was following me was strong, but not strong enough to actually look. I didn’t need to look. Besides, looking would give him a few extra seconds that could make or break my chance of getting away.
I walked down the market street, avoiding children as they played with a ball, and adults arguing over prices for goods. A man was trying to drive down the street in his car and wasn’t having too much luck with it. Any way you looked at it, I stood out. Too old to be an innocent child, but too young to be a corrupt adult.
A busy place like this was a good place to just vanish. But, he was good. There was no way I could just vanish and not expect him to find me eventually. He’d taught me all I knew.
When I turned the corner to a dark alley, I saw him lean down and talk to a blonde girl, shorter than me, but certainly my replacement.
I ducked my head when I turned into the alley, and counted in my head. One, two, three, four, five-
“You can’t hide forever.”
I froze at the edge of the alley, so close to freedom again. “Long time since I’ve seen you,” I said. It was simple, no double meaning, no giveaways about what had happened.
“You’re the one who bailed out. One night you were there, the next morning gone, with only a little note. But, you gave away a lot in that note.”
Then, running around the corner was the petite blonde. “Andrew, wait!”
Oh, God, I thought. I’d been replaced with a Barbie doll. Knowing that he’d turn to see her, I took my chance and turned around.
“What?” he asked. Even from just looking at his backside, I could tell, he was easily annoyed by this girl.
“Did you find her? Wait, is that her?” The girl pointed at me from the other end of the alley. “Hey!”
            In the time it would have taken for him to turn around and realize what she was screaming about, I was gone, running down the street. This side of the alley was a nice urban area that pretended like the village behind it didn’t exist.
I dashed into the first building I could find hoping that by the time he turned the corner, I’d be gone from the street.
The first building was an apartment complex building. “Now, please, if you will follow me, I will show you our demo room,” a man said, standing on the stairs. A large group of people stood at the bottom of the stairs, eager to see these apartments. I slid into the group, took my jacket off, and tossed my hair into a messy bun to throw his senses off.
The group began to move, and I was just about to stand up on the stairs when a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me back. A woman next to me grumbled when I hit her on my tumble down.
“Come with me,” he said, just loud enough for me to hear.
He opened the door to a darkened room and shoved me in. “Ow, no need to be aggressive,” I said.
“Did you really think I wouldn’t find you?” he asked.
“I was starting to wonder. It took you long enough. It’s almost been four months.”
“Well, I had to convince some people that it would be worth taxpayers’ dollars to actually go find you. And that was after they gave me a new partner,” he said. He leaned on the desk and crossed his arms against his chest, a sign of hostility.
“Wow, you don’t even trust me? After all we’ve been through?” I asked. “That hurts.”
“Babe, you ran away. How do I now you won’t try to bust through the door now?”
“Because I know you won’t hesitate to take me down. I’m not that stupid.”
He leaned his head back and laughed, and I felt my heart twitch. It’d been so long since I’d made him laugh. “So, how’d you find me?” I asked.
            “It wasn’t that hard once I started looking. All I had to do was ask for the sexy, redheaded girl, and people knew who you were.”
            “Well, you found me, what do you want?” I asked. “Whatever you want, you can have, just leave me alone.”
            “Well, if you want me to leave you alone, then obviously I can’t have what I want.” He stood up and moved toward me.
            “Drew, don’t you come anywhere near me.” I looked around the room for something to defend myself. The best I came up with was a bucket next to me.
            “Oh, it’s been a long time since anyone’s called me that,” he said, clearly enjoying my panic. Anyone else I wouldn’t have hesitated to tackle, but he knew all my moves. He’d given them all to me.
            “Don’t. Go away, you have a new partner, you don’t need me anymore.”        
            “That new partner is a pain in the ass. Come with me and I’ll leave her here.”
            I winced, he was serious. But he was going to try harder. “No.”
            He took another step closer and I fell to pure instinct as I reached up to sock him in the nose. But Drew was fast. No sooner had I punched him, he had my arm twisted around my back so I couldn’t move.
            For a moment, I blinked and stared at him, thoughts of what had almost been. And then I shoved them out. “Let me go,” I said.
            “No. You’re coming with me.”
            “You wish.”
            In one fluid motion, he scooped me up and carried me over his shoulder. “You shouldn’t have tried me, Babe.”
            “Well, what else was I supposed to do?”
            He just laughed. 


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