life lately....

life lately consists of two three things: school, projects, and work.
Oh, it's supposed to get to 23degrees tonight. IN TEXAS!
The last time it was this cold in North Texas, we had four days off of school. It sucks....

Also, there's the new hair. Everyone's staring at me! Probably since the last time I had my hair this short was in, like, fifth grade. I'm in 12th now.

I'm thinking I chose a really bad time to cut half my hair off because, right now, it's only, 30 degrees outside. Don't believe me?

SEE?!? It's totally thirty outside. Too cold! Too cold for Texas dag nabit! 
So, I'll just sit here and write The Assassin. For some reason, I'm kind of out of it and not in the mood to work on it, but I need to. Evie and I have made a lot of changes to this draft from what Harper Collins read. Like, totally different. The Assassin herself has changed, a character that has been in every single draft of TA  from the very beginning (like, the handwritten one), is gone, and a character that doesn't appear until book three has given his or herself a large part in this book. 
It's.... interesting. 
Oh, and it's now 28 degrees outside.
Times like this, I wish I had a boyfriend to keep me warm.


Autumn said...


Paula said...

well I guess it's cold for texas, but we usually have those temps all winter over here :) though right now the weather is kind and we reach the 30s. you'll survive :)

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