decemeber? already?

Wow, it's December already. Kind of surreal. I feel like life is just going, going, going! I'm like the little energizer bunny!
So, as I said, life is pretty crazy! Just in this month alone, here's some of the crazy stuff I have to do:

-work on the weekends (that's self explanatory)
-Choir concert! - yes, I have to learn this whole stack of music

Oh, and the concert is on the 18th, so.... Yeah, guess who's going crazy this month.
On top of that, I want to have the opening scene of Skewed Rescue up for y'all to read sometime this week. I just need to finish writing it before I can type it. O.o
Yeah, did I mention I have to build a catapult by the 19th? Oh, the wonderful world of physics....

BUT! On some good news, I've got some pretty awesome stuff planned for the next couple months, it'll be fun, I promise (like a contest or two - but not for another couple of months).
Also, in case you've been following me for a long time, time to refresh your bookmarks! I changed links...

As a birthday gift to myself, I bought my own domain! Click the button to visit it (it looks exactly like the .blogspot.com one)

Adios! Have a great December! 


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