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It's official. I woke up one morning this week and decided that for my 18th year, I was going to do the 365 project! So, as to avoid spamming your newsfeeds EVERY single day with pictures (especially you who follow for my writing, and only the writing), I created a blog specifically for photos. The title "The Story of Us" comes from the Taylor Swift song, "The Story of Us." I thought that was a pretty cool title seeing as photos really do tell the story of us, humans. The blog is already up, and I've posted a bunch of photos up (mostly of clouds), but a few were from my trip to Midwestern State University this past Monday. So, like I said, the blog is already up and running, so feel free to follow, admire, and spread the word!

Also, I'd like to thank y'all for your generosity during this really tough week in my family. It amazes me how kind people you've never met can be, and how much the power of prayer and kind thoughts can help a family. Thank you so much guys. 


Quinn said...

Just replying to your comment on my blog: I get all my fonts from dafont, believe it or not. xD

Megan said...

Gahh love that song! I have Taylor Swift's music all over my iPod. :)

Riv Re said...

Sending hugs over to your family. :(

Love the new blog. Totally following. The song is fabulous. (I wrote a parody of us: The Future Of Us, about the Asher-Mackler book. Going up on my blog in a few days.) The music video for the song actually came out pretty recently.

Good luck with your photographing endeavors, and all the rest!

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