a brutal day....

Well, more so yesterday than today....

Yesterday, I went to work, and they over scheduled my department.....
So, guess who spent three hours standing in one spot going "hi, welcome to main event! Hi, welcome to main event! Hi, welcome to main event! Thanks, come again!" 

Yeah, that girl right there. ^^
After thirty minutes, my lip was bleeding and I couldn't feel my feet. Thank God for some of my co-workers who talked to me between their parties, otherwise I would have died of boredom. 

Yeah, life as a working girl. It's interesting. I'm not sure if I've ever actually talked about my job on here.... Well, in case I haven't, I work at this place called Main Event. It's got bowling and laser tag, billiards and lots of arcade games. 

I'm a party host, which means I get paid to get bowling shoes, go save those balls that get stuck on the lane, take your kids to the bathroom, pull pizzas out of a burning hot oven (without gloves), light your child's candles (without burning the building down or my finger off) and pick up all the trash afterwords. Yeah, life is so glamorous being a party host. 

Despite all of it, I actually like my job. True, it does pay pretty nice, but I like working for things besides the money. I like my coworkers in my department and my supervisor. 

What I do not like is standing around for three hours repeating "Welcome to main event" for minimum wage. The least they could do is give me a stinking chair or a break! 

But, today was the first day I went to school since I turned 18. Crazy stuff. We had all of last week off, but I ditched the Friday before so I could go visit a college. (Stephen F. Austin, if you were wondering) and then the next day (Saturday), I went and visited the rival college, Sam Houston State. (The shirt I'm wearing in the picture is a shirt from Sam Houston) . I also visited Texas A&M, home of the fightin' Texas Aggies (that's where Aggie the dog gets her name - I'm an Aggie baby). 

But, my poor allergies. I went through multiple climates and areas of Texas in the past week, so I've been exposed to everything I could ever imagine being possible to in the span of a week. 

And, why is it when I come back home, it's so freaking cold? 31 degrees this morning! BRR! Anyways, I'm off to go freeze to death! 


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