Life has been hectic....
and, that is an understatement.
This weekend, I started working at a local bowling alley as a party hostess. I clocked in 11 hours of training in two days. The last time my feet hurt so much was when I went to DC this past summer!

But, life being hectic is a blessing to me. I love the craziness of life. Do I wish that I could have more time to do things like blog and write? Well, yeah, I do. I'd love more time, but I know that I won't have that time for a while (try like when I move out and don't have parents to nag me all the time ;)) But, I'm okay with the fact that I don't have that time. As long as I can do something productive, like work, or study, or find scholarships. I just can't be.... well, not busy.

Right now, "keep calm and write on" is kind of my motto, even though, I should change it to "keep calm and plot on." I've had more great book ideas in the past month than ever. But, they'll have to wait because I don't have time. 
It's funny how everyone complains about not having enough time, and yet, as soon as we get time, we complain because we have nothing to do. Is it just a part of the human psyche? Maybe. Probably. As far as I know, it is, but that's just a part of who we are. And, then, before we know it, our time is gone. 
It's funny to think, in a year, I'll be in college. It seems like such a far way off, but I know it isn't. In six months, I'll be preparing to graduate high school, finalizing everything for college and for leaving the town I've lived in my whole life. 
I'm ready for it, but then again, I'm not. 
All I can do is leave it up to time and let time take control, because, well, it isn't like I can. 


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