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Hey there lovelies! My name is Romantic Savy and my blog is Romance In A Glance. I'm a newlywed who happens to be a closet writer and I enjoy everything that is mushy, gushy in life. After planning my summer wedding I became slightly obsessed with all things wedding and bridal; and then learning about the everyday life of marriage as a wife made me even more interested in romance. So I took my new passions and combined them with my old passion for writing to create Romance!  I believe in the power of the little things that matter in lifethat many of us overlook. Make sure to stop by and follow along if you'd like and say hello. You'll read everything from dating advice and dating ideas to bridal advice and wedding ideas. Frequently I feature other brides and share their stories and their advice with you (any follower can do this!) and I have a new sassy and sexy feature, Guys 101. So if you like the mushy, gushy things in life, then I think you may love it over at my place! Hope to have you! 

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