The post where I rant about Apple

So, I can't update to iOS 5 because my ipod is too old. Apparently, I have a second generation iPod, not a third generation like THE FREAKIN BOX TOLD ME I DID!

I has a little iPod that looks like this:

No camera, no face time, no nothing fancy. I don't even get the wallpaper feature or mulitasking.
It's pretty sad when your technology is so old, you can't even update it.
It's time for an update. 

And, lucky for me, my birthday is in .....
One month and four days.
I will be a legal adult. 
Thank God. I'm sorry, but 17 has been a bit of a shitty year. 
I'm ready to move on. 
So, on my list for my birthday, I've got this little sucker:
Pretty neat, huh? I love the white iPhone, so I want the white iPod touch. There's just one little problem, actually two.
My dad is really tight about spending money. If I got a new iPod, I'd need a 32 gig because I outgrew my 8 GB. Well, that's 300 dollars that could be used to pay for college books or something else....
But it's my birthday... 
Well, not today, but in a month it will be. 
And, somehow, I feel like I'm still going to be stuck with the one I have now. 
That's just how my family rolls.
So thanks Apple. You got me all excited for the new iOS 5, but that doesn't really matter anymore, now does it? 

-end of rant-


Cubette said...

That's really cool and all, but I was caught off-guard by the s-word... was it really necessary?

Riv Re said...

So sorry to hear that. It stinks. :(
To gloat, and maybe give you hope: I was hinting at [read: begging for] a new iPod for my birthday for the past several months, and, just this week (my birthday) I opened up a cupcake box which I assumed held a cupcake...and found a tiny little Nano box. (Listening to it now. In love.) And my dad doesn't spend money like this, either. But you know what happens with begging... ;)

So good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

I SO want that iPod! LOL my dad is completely opposite! He likes spending money on me and my siblings! If it was up to him, he would give us the world... ANYTHING WE WANTED! But unfortunately, my mom keeps the money around here (; Yeah, but he always asks me why I want the iPod touch with camera when I already have the iPod touch {1st generation} without camera... I always say it's because it has a camera! He always says I'n crazy to get something only because it has a camera! But it makes a huge difference!!!

Sorry, I'm blah-ing on! I'll shut up now(:


P.S. I hope you get it!!!

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