life according to lala // summertime 2011

I'm a photographer. Look at how many posts have photos I've taken. So, this is a new series, where you'll see photos from my life. :P
Oh, by the way. All of these were edited with instagram on my iTouch.
Santa Fe - 2011

Stop sign in front of the Cathedral in Santa Fe.

Elephant statue!
Dust storm in Lubbock. I was there with my best friend and we flipped out. We'd never been in a dust storm. Too legit. 

There were windmills everywhere in west Texas.
In fact, that was the only thing in west Texas.

The hotel lit up. I had to get a picture of that. 
Washington DC 2011

The White House. I got as close as they would let me. 

The United States Capitol. We went in there. And under it. 

Federal Triangle Metro Stop. DC people are really big about going under ground. 

So,. that's my summer! Look for another "life according to lala" sometime next week, maybe!


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