Five Reasons I will NOT being doing NaNoWriMo

  1. time - I'm in three core classes, I'm about to start a job - which will be a weekend only job (like Friday nights and all day Saturday), I have younger siblings I have to take places..... The list goes on and on.
  2. I'm already working on a book - Remember this little sucker? I don't want to work on anything until I finish this draft. I think this is about the eigth rewrite. And, it's good for me, it gets better and better everytime. I'm hoping *crosses fingers* that after I finish this draft, I can send it to a few people (any volunteers?), get some edits done, and start querying. I'd really love to query it. I haven't actually finished a book since last Christmas when I finished Snatched - last year's NaNoWriMo.
  3. Ideas - okay, yes, I do have a few ideas, including Bad Example. I have another idea as well, but none of them are well fleshed out or plotted and I'm not going to be stupid and not plan. I don't think it'd be possible for me to just B.S. it and win.
  4. My groove - my groove is kind of in a low point. I go through highs and lows through my groove, some weekends, I'll write almost 10K, and some, I'll be lucky to get to 1K.
  5. I've already got a list of books I need to work on, this is kind of my schedule:
  • finish The Assassin
  • while friends and betas are reading and making notes on it, I want to rewrite Super Ordinary. I only got to about 20K in it before I decided to jump back into The Assassin.
  • edit The Assassin (I'll probably be in college by then)
  • query The Assassin while working on either Snatched or Super Ordinary
  • once I have all of those under control, I'll work on either Bad Example or my other book that I haven't told y'all about, which at the moment is called Ready to Fall (to a murderer that is -insert evil laughs-)
Was that five already? wow..... anyways, I've got a lot going on, and I just don't have time to sit here and write a whole entire book in a month. Maybe someday (like after I graduate college and have summers off because I'm going to be a teacher), but not any time soon.

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