Being Sick Sucks

I haven't been out of my house since Sunday night when I came home from choir practice. And ate oreos. Those damn oreos. And now I have a fever.
So.... I spent yesterday reading on my nook and watching this:

Before you flip out, everyone was okay. There's a chemical plant in Waxahacie that caught fire. I watched three and a half hours of the coverage, watching it explode and burn and the firefighters gain control over it. Last I heard, it was 95% contained. That was as of last night. Like I said, no one got hurt.
And, then, this morning, I was going to read Carrier of the Mark by my friend, Leigh Fallon.
But my nook died over night.
So, I'm listening to commentary about the Apple keynote.
Life is boring right now. I'm pretty positive I won't be going to school today. My temperature is already 99degrees.


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