Titanic and Vocab

  1. The Titanic was very corpulent.
  2. The pilot of Air Force One was glib in the language that pilots used to talk to each other.

This is my lesson for procrastinating.
My first five sentences have to have the name of a ship or aircraft.
I used Titanic because I watched part of it, I think, Saturday night.
Yeah, this Titanic. 

I have no idea why I watch this movie. I can not stand Leonardo di Capio. He and his pretty boy face. But, Kate Winslet is super pretty. I love her hair. I am jealous of her hair. 
Then again, I'm jealous of Sarah Palin's hair too.

That ^^ My favorite part of the movie. Except, you know, when Jack dies. I really have no heart for him, I don't know why. I just get genuinely annoyed by Jack. 

I think the only reason I like this movie is because as a kid, I was obsessed with the ship. I mean, a ship so big - so portentous <----vocab word right there, and it sunk so easily. 
Kind of creepy. 

Looks like the Titanic wasn't the only White Star Line to go down. That is the Britannic. She went down in World War One.
In fact, the White Star Line only has one ship left.
'Tis a sad, sad little world.
So, I will go back to vocab, and all of you who love little Jack Dawnson can tell me how wrong I am.  

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Bianca McCray said...

You don't like Leonardo?? I am in love with him! How could your favorite part be when the ship is sinking? Oh my gosh!! ;)

Gina said...

I just watched the full movie a few months ago! It's fun that you're basing your vocab off of a movie :)

xo, gina

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