Thunderstorms, Sexy Dresses and a Limping Dog

Admit it, this is a pretty legit photo. You know it is. How often does an amateur photographer get lightning? 
Um, how about, like,.never? 
Yeah, all the super big storms with 70 mph winds and baseball size hail formed in the city right next to us. And it didn't come our direction. So, no rain for us. Though, it did rain at work Friday night. It was a little ironic. At work (actually, I'm unemployed now as the show is over) the kids were doing The Magical Land of Oz. And there was a thunderstorm, like, a big one. They all thought there was going to be a tornado.
The irony of it all?
Two years ago, at Studio B, where I was working, we did a community production of The Wizard of Oz, with "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" and all. The first night of rehearsals, there was a tornado that ripped the air conditioner off the roof over the stage.
I think we should ban any play that goes to Oz at our studio. It's just too creepy. 
But, on top of working all weekend, this morning my dog broke her toe. 
My poor dog. She can't go on a walk for 8-12 weeks.
Which leads me to my next point. The sexy dresses.
I'm a size 12, which is considered "plus-size" but under the average pant size of 14. Pretty dumb, if you ask me. I never look that great in dresses, they show off my unflattering side. Like....
I mean, look at those arms! Gah, I hate my arms... and my thighs.... and my stomach.... and my butt....
And don't get me started on my face and it's ever going plot to make me look bad with freckles and pimples....
So, obviously, my body and I are at war with each other.
And I am going to win.
My mom and I decided tonight that we are going to lose weight, exercise (I usually walk my dog, but I can't anymore obviously) and eat healthier. 
We are going to be size eights (or smaller) by graduation so I can wear a sexy dress for graduation. 
My mother just know about the sexy dress part. XD


Gina said...

Wow, that photo is amazing! Very nice shot :) Lightning is so cool when photographed!

xo, gina

Riv Re said...

Fantastic shot. You lucky duck you!
Up until now, I didn't know it was possible for a dog to break a toe. Hoping for a snappy recovery. :)

Laura, a size 12 isn't big. You don't need to go on a diet. I know people who are sticks and insist on dieting when it's not necessary. Love your body, and you'll look gorgeous. Maybe you haven't found the right dress yet?
Best of luck finding a cute dress. :)

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