Sponsor Tales of a Rambling Redhead in October!

I'm looking for sponsors for the month of October! Want to join in on the fun? Keep reading!

This one is the top one that you see when you first open up the page. These can come with an option to do a giveaway, or any other promotional idea you can come up with, as long as it's fine with me.
You can also do a introductory post if you like.

These go under the big adds, and they also have the option of doing a giveaway or something along the sorts.All adds this size will be featured in a group introduction post.

These go last, under everything else. These will also be featured in a group introduction post.

If you don't want to pay for a sponsor spot, we can swap buttons, and co-sponsor each other. Sound good? 
I will only accept payments through paypal, and these are a monthly thing. You can renew it every month, and eventually, there'll be packages for mulitple months, but for now, it's a by-month basis.
For an extra $5, I will make you a button, of any size, to use on my sponsor column, and it is free for you to use anywhere. 
Have questions? 
Want to sponsor?
email me at lalatennisketter[at]gmail[dot]com


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