One for the Money Movie Trailer

Where do I even begin?
I'm not sure where to begin.

Two problems I have overall with this, then I'll get into the little details, and there a few of those.
1. I already have my own version of what all the characters look like in my head. Jason O'Mara is not Joe Morelli.
2. THOSE DANG JERSEY ACCENTS! - Okay, I'm from Texas, we have our own annoying accent too, but do Jersey people actually talk like that? Like, that over the top? If anyone knows, I'd love if you could tell me.

Okay, things I like:
1. First thing Mrs. Plum says is that Stephanie needs a husband. 17 books later, it's still a running gag. At least they gave her that.
2. Grandma Mazur shoots the chicken! That is one of the funniest scenes in the whole book. So glad it made it into the movie.
3.Favorite line that wasn't in the book? "How does a person eat like you eat and look like you do?"
4. At least Joe Morelli sorta gets in his "it's my car" line. Throughout the books, when ever someone refers to something that's theirs, like if Stephanie would call his car "my car" he'll always go "First off, it's not your car, it's my car." He does that a lot. And while the words weren't exact, at least they got it in there.

Things I dislike:
1. Joe Morelli's bail was $100,000 - not $50,000.
2. The way Ranger acts.... It could confuse people, I mean, he's acting gay. There's nothing wrong with that, except the fact that Ranger is, like, the furthest thing from gay. I mean, look at him! The actor, who's name I can't remember, yeah, he's too much of a pretty boy. Come on, is that a wink, or is his eye just having a spasm?
3. Your turn, Mr. O'Mara. That is 100% unattractive. Joe Morelli would never do that.
4. And, just, I don't think either of the men were cast right. That pretty much sums it up. 


NeuroticLover said...

Brand new follower here, fellow redhead :), sent over here by Romance In A Glance.

And agree totally with this post. I got really excited when I realized it was a trailer for a movie based off my fave book series. But, I think its sadly dissapointing. My biggest letdown is ranger. That guy is no where NEAR the sexy that ranger is in my head!!! It's unfortunate.

NeuroticLover said...

Also, I'm stealing this post idea and sharing the trailer. The world needs to be shown! ;)

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